[SD Spoilers] An interesting theory about when Dolph is cashing in

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Baraa, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Just read a report on Bleacherreport.com that had a very interesting idea about Ziggler cashing in, I would really love to see this tbh. [Contains spoilers]

  2. I don't think that can happen. I find it hard to believe that you can cash in the contract in the middle of a battle royale.
  3. That's the great thing about it, something that nobody will expect, no body will see it coming, it will be shocking.
  4. It will be lost in the shuffle methinks.
  5. Would be awesome but when ziggler cashes then show just eliminates cuz we all know that there's not gonna be a unification , other thing ... ADR 19 days as whc #wwelogic
  6. You can't cash in during the Rumble, because the rules would state that the match changes from a battle royal to a world title match between two guys, which can't happen.
  7. If this did happen, it would be awesome. Ziggler could win and then just eliminate himself to a chorus of boo's, because there is no need for him to win the rumble if he gets the title AND it won't make the new champion look weak getting eliminated.

    I highly doubt this is going to happen though.
  8. That is one hell of a plot. It's one of those literally mark out, get out of my recliner moments. I agree that now is the time for Ziggler to cash in now that there is a face champion. I still have my money on a mania cash in, but this idea would be equally as spectacular. The only problem it might have is that it doesn't give Del Rio enough time to shine as World Heavyweight Champion.
  9. He really never has, they like to use him as a transitional champion. The legend continues.
  10. Sounds like something Arda Ocal would write.