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  1. Let's be honest, Seabs is probably the GOAT. The actual GOAT... not the term thrown around by everyone now'adays.
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  2. @Tgmiveld show him what it means to be a true lad
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  3. Me and TG are already pals, pal. He ain't gonna backstab me for anything. He's a true lad.
  4. You don't have enough meat on your bones to be a lad you cosplaying rooster boy.
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  5. Crayo is a good lad

    Seabs can be also when he is not being a self-rightious metro
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  6. I like heel Seabs better than babyface Seabs.
    To give an illustration, it would be like comparing Paul Heyman to babyface John Cena
    Cena is cool in my book but a lot of you noobs can't really stand the cat.

    Seabs is ace but he knows and I know that his babyface run is holding him back.
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  7. @swabs is the best.
  8. quit this fantasy rubbish lad. seabs is seabs, not a cosplay character. some of us proper lads on the forum do not want to run around in capes.
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  9. but... but... that's one of his best gimmicks? It is part of the reason he is GOAT.
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  10. we should stop this fantasy rubbish. you really think it will impress the wenches.

    you dont need a gimmick or a costume. just be a nerdy mans man, and you will be swiming in the snatch
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  11. I swim in snatch on the regular with my SCSA gimmick bro :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. i feel bad for some of the lads on this forum

    sipping on their fish supper watching big bang theory. whilst they should be down the boozer having sweet poonarmy with all the trimmings.
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  13. Well you can sip on your fish supper watching big bang and then go down to the local boozer yah? I mean they're open til very late and a lot of trashy drunk women show up at my local boozers around two hours before closing time anyway in their slutty waitress outfits just ready to be poked and prodded by a man's penis.
  14. some lads on here probably only speak to women online, and even then they listen to the wench's prblems, and never get to give her a good thrust. too busy playing their video games and on their metro social media sites.

    they never get that wenches prefer a fart in the face than a shoulder t cry on
  15. Going on our weekly diatribe, are we? I've missed your trolling so I'm ace with it.
    I like how nearly a month ago, you had no idea what cosplay is. These days you employ it as a euphemism for cheap shots and the like.
    I like it, honestly. Your gimmick is too gold to lock inside a cage. I've advocated for your limits to be lifted, now I just want my dream match of 'Gohan v TGMI'
  16. I hate trolls. it is a bit like the fantasy and cosplay, sad lads wasting time trying to be funny

    who is Gohan?
  17. [QUOTE="Paige is Hot, post: 912426, member: 6785"
    I like it, honestly. Your gimmick is too gold to lock inside a cage. I've advocated for your limits to be lifted, now I just want my dream match of 'Gohan v TGMI'[/QUOTE]
    i dont give a shit

    the suits can have their little victory, like they are standing up to the bully in school who wedged them, and laughed at there anime t-shirt
  18. Honestly, a true cosplaying rooster boy is the guy trying to act tough on a wrestling forum in a bid for women. :pity2:
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