Seabs Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. I respect you booker man
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  2. #AllhailSeabs
  3. I heard Seabs taught Alkaline everything he knew. Like Shim literally had no knowledge before Seabs dropped the pipebomb into his milkyway.
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  4. I fucking love Milky Ways
  5. Seabs used to be peter pan but Cynthio took over his neverland foreverman. Big Hoss Rambler wasn't a pedo until Seab shaved his face.

    I'd make a joke about you R'Abin but people like Jonathan more than they care about that scotish asshole.
  6. Pretty cool dude for a UKFag.
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  7. I always forget Aids hates Albin. You hate such random dudes bro. Albin's a sweetheart
  8. word word

    IMO the coolest UKFag

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  9. So is it UKFag or UK Fag? I just originally wrote UKFag cause it seems like it.
  10. It's UK_Fag It's all one word and it has a space.
  11. Seabs is the greatest form of life on this planet.
  12. LOL at you Americans calling UK people fags...
  13. I know. Only like, 99% of UK'ers are fags. So stereotypical.
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  14. Seabs=Biker Jesus
  15. I'm not drunk :sad:
  16. Biker Jesus rides into the sunset with a chooper, a leather jacket, a beard, and a sexy gurl though :sad:
  17. Seabs = GOAT

    Taught Plopspot everything he knows.
  18. This song is dedicated to you seabenstien


  19. Heard stopspot and seab had this as their first dance at their gay marriage. Also it's Eurofags, no reason to only give the faghate to the UK.
  20. I dont ashley hate him. I enjoy hating ON him, but let's not compare Albins to Leaping Lanny Poffo's.
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