Other Seabs watches AAW War is coming and posts LQ shit along the way.

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. Just started this up after saying I would for a few days. I'll throw my random thoughts out in here.

    Opening match - Zero Gravity vs Keith Walker and Lamar Titan.

    Zero G started off very slowly which surprised me, I expected them to be like firecrackers straight off the bat but it just didn't. Lamar has some of the worst reaction times I've ever seen. Anyone seen Punk wrestling in ROH's training camp thing when he's doing those rolls? It's that bad. Walker is a phenomenal power house though, he hit the ring and tossed shit his choke suplex was sick. Zero G's suplex into a 450 is pretty god damn sweet though. Walker laying out Lamar was welcome, he's a great monster. Hey Honkey Tonk would have marked.

    Meh promo from Mustafa Ali ( I think that was his name) his I'm not a terrorist line made me think of Mohammed Hassan though which was a mini markout.

    Niggas in Paris vs C&C wrestle factory.

    Taylor is going to the bar? What a stud, please scare some little kids. Fuck drawing those little shits back they need to learn. Hasn't Gargano been rocking short hair for a while? Leg count is a cute spot if nothing else, go Johnny G work it baby. Taylor stealing a hat from the crowd is the most interesting thing to happen so far and the ref needs to get out of the ring? You tell him Chucky. Slow but expected start, they'll pick up the pace shortly... hopefully.

    Chuck has a pretty sweet dropkick, he's carried my interest in the early going who knows maybe I'm that big of a fag mark. Shimmy and stomps @Stopspot got a gif of that, I think you're the only person sad enough to have seen this except me. I love Coleman working on Gargano in the corner, it's simple but great psychology. OH HELL NO DID HE SHIMMA THAT TAYLOR CONTENT @MODS FIX THIS ASHLEY. Pace has picked up now off the tag. Eddie Kingston is coming later :yes:

    Johnny with the tea bag cover :obama:

    Better than the first. Bombs were dropped.

    Matt Cage promo, he has a nice tempo when speaking. I'm a fan of this guy on the mic at least, he has something special about him.

    Daft Punk and kicking fans? I'm into these cheesy ass mofos. OH SHIT HES WEARING TASSLES why don't more people wear tassles in wrassling anymore?

    Crane pulling out the karate kid poses? Shit I'm impressed. He's so random I dig it, he'll never get out of these kind of shows but if the guys enjoy it I tend to too. I pretty much dig this commentary team, reminds me of what kind of shit a forum podcast would produce. Ali should be heel but seems to be the face, I'm confused with this structure and don't like it. Crane has a mad style like literally mad I like it. Hero name drop OHNO. This show has a lot of overly choregraphed stuff so far, struggling to get into a lot of it. Sweet superkick to the back of the head, the noise was pretty sweet. Sweet knee drop, Millah was the MVP for that match I dig him but he poses too much. His kicking style is a joy to watch though and he transitions between moves so well.

    OH SHIT JIMMY JACOBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More people need to respect this guy on the mic. His emotional range is so good, he flips between Foley and Roberts in style on a dime.

    Silas be here, finally time for a real man.

    End of part 1 damn.
  2. LOL Just downloaded it
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  3. Crane is lulz.

    I enjoyed the show when I watched it last week. Gonna keep an eye out for more AAW.
  4. Silas putting work on this kid, make him your bitch buddy. Silas takes the old school ethics and blends them with a modern flamboyance to become the perfect combination. This show is picking up steam now, it feels alot more engaging could be this match though. Shit Hero style elbow there, Silas sold it like a champ too. His facial expression was just blank.. awesome. Falcon Arrow <3

    Shit I love the little mention on commentary of Elgin beating Silas with the cross face before. It's the little touches, dammit not lariats wtf Stan is not amused. Zero G suck dicks seriously when speaking...

    Jacobs is here? Matt cage interested me on the speaking side earlier. More money man show me more. Steen's debut next show he's been shit for a while but my peepee woke up when I heard his name, also fu Stop for spoilers. Matrix type shit? Cage drawing some good heat already and a marking HTM :yes: Jacobs sitting in the ring? Shit I <3 this guy. Sit on his knee damn it, SLAP DAT ASS! Here comes the money, Jimmy with a sweet dive. Springboard moonsault on to his feet, what a dope move.

    Code breaker off the spring board is a sweet finish. I really got into that match.

    Taylor promo? 12 hours oh damn it's only 5 still a long time. TROPHIES. Facebuster thing god damn. What a bunch of bullocks.

    Steve Blackman :O damn it no :sad:

    Tazzmission oh shit!

    No one kicks out of the falcon arrow unless you're Silas YOung. Boom!

    Niggas in Paris part 2! Zero G are like a poor man Londrick even down to the shit shorts.

    You know what I like better than red heads punching women in the face, Kingston you fucking god.
  5. I was looking for something to get me interested in wrestling again, I think I have it. Jacobs posing with the belt and the greatest ref bump ever at that right hand from Kingston.
  6. It's gonna get more interesting
  7. what a lame ass idea for a thread posting lq bullshit while watching an event
  8. Needed more gifs?
  9. a gif would have been a nice start. and more smilies,
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  10. I wish I liked current wrestling products more because I used to love doing these threads. Now I can't sit through anything WWE or TNA does to even do it
  11. I don't think I've seen either show in months either in all honesty. I caught the main of HIAC and Punk vs Heyman can't remember if I watched the full show though Raw was a while before that. I think bfg was my last TNA thing too ... Fuck I'm out of the loop.
  12. I haven't caught TNA since around the time Sabin beat Bully for the title. I've seen a couple bits and pieces, didn't even watch BFG

    WWE I'll put on Raw now and again but I wind up skipping most every segment. Last PPV I watched was Summerslam

    if I feel like watching wrestling i'd rather just go on watch wrestling and find a raw or PPV from the AE or watch some 97/98 WCW on Youtube
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  13. Just go to XWT Classics and download Top 20 matches from the 80s, both NJPW and AJPW. Also, Top 20 Lucha from the 90s. Or WCW '92, there's a huge ass set with so much greatness.
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