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  1. Did you watch V for Vendetta? :jericho:
  2. Utilize the PM system jerk off
  3. Im downloading it now o.o
  4. I take I shouldn't openly admit to never seeing it either then?
  5. Watch it!

    go home Dolph's
  6. There is a pm box for a reason. Thread closed.
  7. Yeah watched it, was a decent film tbh. Bit gutted when he died for some reason.
  8. Seabs, i love the Ryback quote on the link, hes got shim pronz if you're interested, and want everyone online to know what you're into. When am i going to get off the #6 spot? haha champ here.
  9. Follow simple rules Crayo. :finger:
  10. Nice one spoiling it noob.
  11. lol that's such a blatant spoiler. Seabs should be thrown in jail for that shit
  12. Lmao it's not even a hint. Full blown spoil.

    Though it doesn't really mean much in this film I don't think. Him dying was obvious, and actually added a lot to the end scene. FUCK IT MAY AS WELL TYPE ALL THE REST OF THE STORY.

  13. Alls fair in love and war. This a war, plus these wrestle fags don't care.
  14. THE BOAT SINKS #Titanic
    JESUS DIES #PassionoftheChrist
    SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE #harrypothead
  15. Dolph'sZiggler enjoys taking more than giving #LastNight
  16. Not as bad as Xanth. Tells me to watch "The book of Eli", I say "Okay", then he goes "Btw he's blind".

    For anyone who's watched the film, you'll know how much of a bummer spoiler that is :emoji_slight_frown:
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