Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. used to be cool, but then he took an arrow to the knee and changed forever for the worse. Thank you.
  2. Basically.
  3. No, I'm dead serious... You used to be cool, but then I got a little inactive for several reasons, then I came back, and you were, excuse my language, a dick.


    Which is why I'm being an ass to you after I tryed being nice and that didn't work.
  4. How was I a dick exactly? Was it buying you an upgrade, was that a dickish move?
  5. Yeah.. Like I said.. after I became inactive and came back.. and no it had nothing to do with me wanting to be in your group.. It was actually before groups were made to be honest.. just more worse after they were made. How were you being a dick? Hmm.. smart remarks in my thread, ignoring me 80% of time, (Mainly this part), also acting like you don't even know me, or like I wasn't the same guy I used to be after I came back from being inactive.. What, were you disaointed in me because I wasn't on here for a couple weeks after you upgraded me? Was it because I wasn't able to do half as much as what I used to before?
  6. Handbags are drawn at dawn.


    I make smart remarks in most threads, I'm a sarcastic twat half of the time and quite honestly always have been. If anyone should be pissed at me it should be Crayo for them. I'm always ribbing that guy. I have 4 and a half pages of responded PMs from you starting from the 1st of June and more before that, how the fuck am I ignoring you? I'm not disappointed in anyone, I really don't invest that much into internet life tbh.
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  7. True that :finger:

    No but seriously Ryback don't take things personally bud :emoji_slight_smile:. If everyone did, wouldn't users like Xanth be gone by now lol? I wouldn't want Seabs any other way, the guy's freaking hilarious (bromance time).

    An example of banter is me and Dolph's actually. We constantly banter back and forth to the point the casual users probably think we're full on arguing but we're bestest broskis. On a forum full of wrestling smarks banter is going to be at its highest mate :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. PM me if you need anything, or I'm sure you can PM Seabs, if you're still here.
  8. Children, please. :ace:
  9. You probably won't like this Rhodes :haha:, but I actually think Seabs is alright, always seems willing to help and as for makin smart remarks, it looks like he does it everywhere.

    But honestly, can you two lovebirds please get a ROOM? :emoji_wink:
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