Sean O'Haire Has Passed Away

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. He was employed by WWE for a short time back in the day, and according to Lance Storm, officials were actually pretty high on him before his habit of getting into bar fights and being a general shit stirrer outside of the arena got him canned. Could have been bigger, but oh well. RIP.
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  2. R.I.P
    Sean Christopher Haire
    February 25, 1971 - September 8, 2014
    Hilton Head, South Caroline - Spartanburg, South Carolina ​
  3. Shocking news. I never heard of him having any issues, but I can't see how this isn't drug related. Unless he had some sort of underlining problem?Makes me sad to think that a lot of wrestlers won't make it to long lives that we've come to love, due to drug and steroid abuse.

    I mean, can we honestly expect Kurt Angle or Batista to live very long lives? And if so, with how much quality?

    Another thing, I have no idea how Billy Graham is still alive.
  4. Billy Graham can barely walk, he has Hep C and he's been in his death bed since 1994. O'Haire had cocaine problems I think but that just may be my imagination making stuff up.
  5. An e:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ro wrestler dying at his home at the age of 43.... he could have had some type of medical condition, but given the history of wrestlers dropping dead from drug or steroid abuse, then it's pretty easy to postulate what the cause of death here probably is.

    As for fearing for Kurt Angle or Batista's life, not everyone dies from steroid/drug abuse, and it helps to remember that there's a difference between drug/steroid use and drug/steroid abuse. There's nothing that says they ever consumed enough drugs to kill them (although Angle probably has) but they've both already out-lived Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman, Curt Henning and Rick Rude if it means anything.

    HHH no doubt used steroids back in the day, too... how ironic and almost amusing in a morbid way that would be, if the guy who's preparing to take over McMahon's throne suddenly died from steroids lol...
  6. McMahon himself used steroids.
  7. True.

    I don't really think HHH has any chance of dying of steroids, for the record, just saying it'd be funny in a way considering his importance to the future of the company. McMahon having a heart attack from past steroid use at this point wouldn't really matter since the man is almost 70 years old anyway and is already the same age as his pop was when he passed away.
  8. 43 Years old? Wow.

  9. I enjoyed his devils advocate character, as short lived as it was. Truly a shame.
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  10. Such a shock to read this when I woke this morning and at such a young age as well it truly is a shame. I remember when he was hired by the WWE but I also heard the same that about his problems away from the ring.

  11. RIP Sean. I wish he could've stuck around longer.
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  13. how very SADDDD :emoji_slight_frown: RIP
  15. Sad news. Wonder what caused it.
  16. Some news sites say suicide.
  17. just listenin' 2 sum nickelback while cryin :emoji_cry: rip Sean O'Haire

    Tbh, I only knew him from HCTP and have never seen him on tv.
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  18. RIP Sean O'Haire
  19. I remember Sean O'Haire from Natural Born Thrillers from WCW. It was some good shit, and now he's gone. It's kind of freaky.