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  1. I think this guy might be the most underrated wrestler ever. He started so young and in no time was a main fixture on RAW with Razor. He then went on to be a huge part of two of the biggest stables of all time, nWo and DX. His work on the mic and in the ring are well above average, and he knows how to elevate other wrestlers. If he doesn't come back at the Rumble, or anywhere else, I think he should go in the HOF IN 2014. I believe he should be mentioned as one of the best of his generation overall.
  2. Shit on the stick and a decent cruiserweight worker imo.
  3. He was put I groups because he wasn't good enough to be on his own.
  4. Calling him one of the best is a bit much, in my opinion. I think he was pretty good in the ring and only ok on the mic. His push usually had to do with who he was friends with (part of the clique in WWF, then aligned himself with Hall and Nash in WCW, then back with his good buddy HHH in WWF.) Considering they put just about anyone in the HOF though, they might has well reserve a spot for him, if he promises to not show up to the ceremony intoxicated.
  5. He will get inducted for his porn tape he did with chyna...

    Happy 42 bday chyna
  6. Good cruiserweight, somewhat charismatic, played the underdog very well during the ealry, and mid-1990's as 1-2-3 Kid. He isn't something on mic, but he's decent overall.

    Weeds and no-showing a couple events (TNA and some indys) fucked his career up a little bit too. He's now working in indys like CHIKARA, where he recently teamed with Marty Jannetty.
  7. What American was doing what he did back in the 90s? No one I can remember, I see him as an innovator. I should rephrase what I said in the op, he is one of the best at what he did (light heavyweight) for his era.
  8. The majority of WCW's CW division, if you wanna get complicated look at ECW before the guys jumped over... The lucha influence was there.
  9. Waltman is the shitties member of the clique, and was hugely overrated IMO. WCW cruiserweight was hugely better, and WWF was shit at best. Him with DX was horrible, and i was pumped he had little/no mic time at the reunion. Dude is shit.
  10. :gtfo:
  11. That was mid-late 90s though. He did it earlier on a bigger stage. At that age all I, or any of my friends knew was WWF.
  12. WCW had possibly the best cruiserweights in da world, but the booking ruined it in late 90's and Bischoff's shenanigans with them also didn't help matter lol.
  13. This.
  14. I said American and early 90s
  15. While I won't comment on the other periods of his career, mostly because they won't be positive, but I have to say his match as 1-2-3 Kid against Bret Hart on Raw for the WWE (then WWF obviously) Championship is like my third favorite match in all of Raw's history (not that impressive considering how relatively little I've seen in compared to how much there's been but still). For those interested, I've taken the liberties to embed the match . . .

  16. Macho Man on commentary, Bret Hart as Champion, memories :upset:
  17. That match came to mind after I read the thread. It's indeed a great, great bout, very entertaining. Waltman looked like such a prospect then, you can see when you watch the video. Haven't watched much of his stuff so I can't say much, but from the little I've seen he's good in the ring, not so much on the mic. I think he could've had a better career if it wasn't for no-showing/drugs and things like that.
  18. X-Pac is good when he's sober and motivated. If it weren't for the 123 Kid, it could be questioned whether or not a lot of small guys like Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, or Eddie Guerrero would've ever been considered main event caliber. He doesn't get the credit he deserves from most critics, but in fairness, he has overshadowed quite a bit of his accolades over the past few years by no-showing, showing up inebriated, having sex with Chyna, attempting suicide, and being just an overall jerk.
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