News Season 2 of British Boot Camp announced

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. It has been announced by Challenge TV (the station that airs all the TNA programming in the UK) that there will be a second season of TNA's reality wrestling show beggining this Fall.

    Full details to be announced very soon.

    First season of British Boot Camp contained six 20-minute episodes and saw the Blossom Twins, Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud compete in variety of ways to fulfill their dream and earn a TNA contract. Rockstar Spud ended up being declared the winner and was awarded the TNA contract by TNA President Dixie Carter and then General Manager Hulk Hogan.

  2. This is pretty awesome; 12 wrestlers, hopefully a good emphasis on their wrestling ability and mic work/promos and then when we're down to the very best, they get the dream chance to perform at the Maximum Impact UK Tour in January. Also, look how well Rockstar Spud worked out for TNA. I'll be happy if we can somehow get another guy in that is as talented as Spud is.
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  3. Well, season 1 did give us Spud. If it's anywhere near this quality of talent for season 2, sounds good.
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  4. Hopefully they put Noam Dar into this.
  5. It's funny how suddenly things are sort-of looking up for TNA again. It's sort of like early-to-mid 2013 for me when the Impact shows were getting better and better, there was British Boot Camp, new wrestlers popping up all over and good crowds. Keep it up TNA, and don't let this "early 2014" bullshit happen again.
  6. The judges for the event will be Al Snow, Samoa Joe and Gail Kim.
  7. The UK scene has got guys just waiting for this opportunity....

    Noam Dar, Kris Travis, Martin Kirby, Rampage Brown among others...Happy their doing this again
  8. Glad to hear it. I was so pumped last time when they announced Spud as the winner, and I still love him. How could I forget about the Blossom Twins? :haha: Hope for great things to come out of the second season and will be looking forward to learning who earns a contract.
  9. * Here is the updated list for the British Boot Camp auditions:

    Joel Redman, Tiger Ali, Noam Dar, Rampage Brown, El Ligero, Sha Samuels, Martin Stone, Mark Andrews, RJ Singh and the Owens Twins

    The UK finals will take place on 8/16 at York Hall.

  10. That list....

    Brown, Ligero, Andrews...Dar, redman, Stone....

    TNA picked some good people...sad though about no Kris Travis or Martin Kirby....but eh? At least brown and Ligero are there.

    Sent from the Rock's Fanny pack.
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    Big man Dave Mastiff has been added to audition.

    Also, Heather Schofield and Melanie Price too.
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  16. I got tickets for the UK final, pretty sure this is going to be fucking amazing.
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  17. Official trailer

    Season begins October 19th, and will have eight episodes, exclusively on Challenge TV.
  18. Nice, ssn 1 gave us Rockstar Spud.. I wonder what ssn 2 has in stores for us!
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