Second Generation WWEF Superstars

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. I want to make a thread devoted to newer users who I feel are not shitty. I'll be frank, there was a time when I would hate on all new members, so some of you probably have been hated on by me in the past. I really thought most of the new users coming in sucked (well, they did actually) but some of you have made it into my book (like the phrase "your OK in my book") as OK folks

    btw the cut for 2nd generation is completely arbitrary and I'm not basing it on anything but my own perception. IMO the first generation of users on this site is obviously Crayo/Seabs/Xanth/CM Punk ect along with me, R'Albin, Stopspot Jose Testify ect and ends around the time Aids & farooq signed up in early summer

    1.) deth- this dude likes a ton of my posts, so you know he knows wtf is going on. :maybe: seriously doe more often than not if I'm reading one of your posts I am enjoying it.

    2.) Danielson- We've butted heads probably just because of what I was saying earlier and me shitting on new guys (think of me as Bradshaw, raping people in the shower and whatnot) but now I enjoy talking wrestling with him, but especially basketball and football. The fact that he is jumping on my Warriors bandwagon is something like +5000 e-respect points as wel

    3.) Senhor Perfect- Fuck yea bro, lasers, pew pew. Seriously though, Senhor Perfect is a fucking amazing user. He's an old ass man (I joke I joke) so he has a little more wrestling perspective than a lot of the pups running around here so I enjoy reading his opinion on whatever subject comes up. He presents his opinions in an entertaining manner, much like I try to do myself. I nearly voted for you for MOTM holmes.

    4.) Baraa- An underdog and some might not have expected for him to show up on the list. But I'll just say this; he's one of the better people to have an argument with because he takes it all in stride and presents his side of the discussion in an intelligent manner as well. Props to this guy

    5.) GTI- Not quite as new as most of the other users, so I'll anoint GTI as somewhat of the leader of the second generation of great users. Also GTI's post count is a bit lower than the rest, but we'll give the proverbial quality over quantity spiel here. Post more often, please.

    That's it, that's the list. 5 names only, sorry if you didn't make it.

  2. You forgot From.
  3. Only room for 5. From was considered.

  4. Steph Curry gets no love at all-star game?, Disrespect!
  5. :pity1:
  6. Bro don't even get me started.

    I knew it would happen though. I told my friend the night before "Lee will make it, Curry will get snubbed before making it next season."

    I think he should have made it over Harden for sure.

    Not that I wish injury on anyone, but maybe Tony Parker will come up with a lame hamstring that week or something and he can get the spot.
  7. If my bones weren't half dust, we'd throw down young'un! :Aries:
  8. I don't even think of 30 as old at all man. I'm 22 in 5 days and feel like I'm 18 still in a lot of ways. seriously though men's primes don't end until 40 at the earliest these days. Hell a lot of guys are entering their prime in their mid 30s-40s in some ways as a male
  9. Yeah, just kidding, appreciate the kind words though. Getting the nod of approval from you means a lot.
  10. 26 child for the most part, but it works both ways. I get a lot of girls who tell me i look 21/22, but i get a lot of women who tell me i act like im 17.
  11. Yea I look like I'm 16 and can't grow a beard, but if anyone gives me shit I just tell them I'll look like I'm 25 when I'm 40.

    Besides, I think beards are dope but chicks dig the babyface look
  12. Steph deserved it over every PG in the game. I'm not even a GS fan. OH well you boys are looking like contenders
  13. Future contenders for certain with the continued growth and development of not only our team but Mark Jackson as a coach. It's scary to think about them continuing to develop as a unit with all the young talent. Curry is 24 and locked into a long term deal, Klay is 22 in his second year, Bogut is only 28 if he ever gets healthy, Harrison Barnes is a 20 year old rookie with All Star potential and Lee is the old man of the starting 5 at 29. Add in amazing bench players in Jack (29) and Landry (29) + Brandon Rush when he returns from his knee injury (27). Literally nobody on this team should see much decline in their player due to age for at least 3-4 seasons, while we can realistically expect Thompson and Curry to continue to improve and obviously Barnes will get much better than he is now as a rookie.

    That's not even mentioning two rookies Draymond Green & Festus Ezeli who are contributing big time on the defensive end and on the glass.

    So yea, 2-3 years down the line if we can keep this team together I really think the sky can be the limit.
  14. And their "best player," Bogut hasn't even really stepped in yet. That D is already tenacious, just wait for the big man to come in.
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  15. Trust me bro I go to bed sweating at night thinking of it.
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  16. A thread based on positivity towards newer members made by Dolph'sZiggler?

    Woah, WWE Forums has come far.
  17. A true sign of the Apocalypse. I did acknowledge that most new users are still shit though.
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  18. God damnit Dolph's stop being nice it's freaking me out.
  19. Hey bro let's be best friends.
  20. I don't become best friends with nice guys.
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