News Second MITB match incoming

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jun 17, 2014.

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  1. How kind of WWE to offer a promising wrestler career AIDS. Hopefully The Miz wins it.
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  2. So, will people be pulling double duty or what? If not then I could see Ambrose being a participant. As well as people like Barrett, Dallas, Rusev, etc.
  3. I guess Ziggler, RVD and company will be there then
  4. Hopefully Ziggler wins...again.

    If CM Bitch can do it, so can Dolph.
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  5. Good idea.

  6. OH HELL YEAH! :pipebomb:
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  7. I'd say: Rollins, Ziggler, RVD, Ambrose, Barrett, Cody Rhodes. Would make for an epic match, these MITB ones with the young guys and high flyers ALWAYS are!
  8. Well, if Rollins is in, then you can count Ambrose in, too. Putting both guys in the match for the briefcase and saving their one-on-one bout for either Battleground or Summerslam is a good idea. More time to build towards it and stuff.

    Among the other five participants will likely be Ziggler, RVD, Barrett, Big E and either Rusev or Bo Dallas. Maybe even Sin Cara if they want another high-flyer in the mix.
  9. We can now fit some more matches on the card, I can see Kane being in this one for some odd reason. But, I see Kane, Ambrose, Ziggler, RVD, The Miz, Sin Cara, or Big E. It all depends on who Rusev is squashing. Bo Dallas won't be in it but I'd love to see him be in it lol

    I can't imagine who'd win this.
  10. Nice, what i'm hopeing for is a new breifcase too, it better not be red colored, it needs to look cool.
  11. Wouldn't it be awesome if we had Cena win the WWE title and then Kane win this one and they could feud over the Summer as the main program in the company? :yay:
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  12. Lol wasn't Cesaro meant to be definitely winning the briefcase? They need to switch him into this match.
  13. Obviously it's going to be Rusev, for mother Russia.
  14. What about Sandow?

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  15. They'll use the one Sandow had after Cody destroyed the other one most likely... a cooler MITB briefcase that's basically what Sandow will be known for.

    Rollins/Ambrose/Y2J/Ziggler/Sandow/Rusev are my picks for who will be in the MITB or swap Sandow/Rusev for Stardust/Goldust and have some shit go down where Stardust knocks Goldy off the ladder and he grabs it and they feud.
  16. what's wrong with you.

    This is great, the contest we all really want to see.
  17. Great news! I'm so looking forward to this!

    My guess for the other participants would be: Rollins (as announced), Ambrose, Barrett, RVD/Dallas, Cody/Rusev (boooring!), Ziggler and Y2J, hopefully!

    Here's to hoping that Ambrose wins it and cashes it in on Reigns next year! I'll be fine with anyone but Rusev, RVD or any other 'yawn fest' superstars winning it.
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  18. Definitely going to tune in now.
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  19. So all the losers from the qualifying matches will be in this ladder match instead? :awyeah: Just thought that was kind of funny. I'm saying Rollins will win it. I just get this feeling he is going to rise to the top soon.
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