Rumor Second Money in the Bank?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, May 23, 2016.

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    What do you guys think? Will this be happening? What will the match be like?
  2. I'm a bit apprehensive about the idea, but it does make a bit of sense seeing how WWE now has a decent number of women who can engage in prolonged and to a level - compelling programs. Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, Paige, Emma, Nikki (if and when she returns) among a few other directionless divas constitute a pretty decent division which certainly can't be contained in a solitary women's programs without leaving quite a few women directionless. In that regard, it can help at least one performer outside the title picture to stay relevant to an extent. But eventually, if they're really serious about building up the women's division; they have to think about adding a second spot for the said performers on the show. I'm also a bit apprehensive from a match quality standpoint but regardless, should be interesting due to the novelty factor.
  3. If they were to have a women's MITB match, it'd be the same as the ladder match the guys compete in, right?

    And I guess there would be no qualifying matches since there are like 8 women on the roster who aren't injured (Alicia, Becky, Dana, Lana, Eva, Nattie, Paige and Summer), so they'd just be thrown into the match.

    I doubt they'll go through with it, but if they do, I hope Becky wins.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing this match. It would keep things more interesting in the divas division
  5. I'd be really happy with that.
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  6. The nearest hospital better be ready... I would love to see 6+ women kill each other. Maybe it will teach WWE a lesson not to book them in these kind of matches.

    It seems unlikely this will happen though.
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  7. Are they willing the women talent to do some of the crazy spots that the male talent do? Seems unlikely,
  8. Because that is going to work with so many of the female roster out injured or working with long running injuries.

    Paige will die in this match if it happens. A person with scoliosis should not be taking hard bumps on the back, let alone on ladders
  9. I'm all for a Women's MITB.
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