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  1. Did anyone take part in one of these this year? I did two the reddit one which got me a Parks & Rec dvd, the godfather book and a superman coaster and a work one which scored me a few bottles of ale and some peppermint tea.So yeah anyone else?
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    EY is the only Saint Santa I know.
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  5. we should have it on here next year
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    Shipping would probably be pretty expensive unless we kept it to the same nations in which case a few guys would be left out could work out pretty well though except for @Jonathan who'd probably get sent a fleshlight to add to his collection of girlfriends.
  7. The best in da biz-a-ness

  8. Euro version and US version get r done
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  10. You're the brains behind this idea mod'sZiggler go start your project brother :hogan:
  11. get black ops 2 for xbox so we can play
  12. uh yet ok
  13. COD? I'm not 10.
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  14. Crayo!!!! hey buddy!!
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  15. got em
  16. faggot
  17. :yay: WarD'Z
  18. SCRD
  19. Me

    These all play CoD. WF custom lobbies are the best. You should really play with us; it's hilarious.
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