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  1. A few months back August IIRC a Entertainment forum was suggested but it was rejected at the time because people didn't think it was necessary at that time.

    Crayo's policy is.

    Here are a few threads which could be transferred to a new section discussing video games and Television shows.

    Dexter Season 7
    Beat Crayo at anything - Fifa - gaming
    Zach Vs. The World - Fifa edition
    Video game names
    This is how cod ends
    Childhood TV shows
    What video game are you playing at the moment?

    I'm sure once a TV section was created it would flourish.

    Feel free to gun me down. :dawg:
  2. I think it would flourish and would be active but I'm trying to find a reason why it's necessary. The more sections we get the more stretched and daunting the page is.
  3. A reason why it would be necessary is because everything in the Locker Room clusters threads about television and gaming. Threads are created in the locker room at such a high rate that discussions about TV shows and other things are often pushed back and not discussed.
  4. The more you put subjects of the LR into other sections, the more the LR turns into circlejerk forum drama. Please don't turn it into that :upset:
  5. You make a good point, however, there would be "discussion threads" for each show eventually resulting in no new content, just bumped old content.
  6. These are perfect examples of Locker Room sub-forums.


    Nothing wrong with bumping. A discussion on a certain episode of Bones for example is just as relevant now as it would be in 4 months. Plus it's more posts for the forum. All good.
  7. Except news about TV shows which would require new threads, (TV shows that have been renewed, dropped. People joining casts etc)

    It's exactly the same as the sports section.

    Why do we create Real Vs Barcelona threads every time they play? Why not have a La Liga thread? You know what I mean? :lol1:
  8. I'm up for it. Locker Room has a lot of threads. We got lots of Entertainment threads and more will come after the section is added. It's only one more section so I don't think it will stretch the page too long. Might also give us more space to add extra something for the sidebar so it aligns correctly.
  9. Crayo hates subforums apparently. One Entertainment section where we dicuss TV shows, video games, music/news would work.
  10. He must learn to love them, they shorten the index page.
  11. Apparently? I can publicly say I despise them. The only logical reason I can think of to do this is the LR is too fast now (active) and your thread will get lost, but I don't think it's at that stage yet. Eventually I'd want to expand the Locker Room into sections like Entertainment and Sports (already done), but I'm unsure.

    I'll wait on feedback to make a choice.
  12. Okay, thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration. :otunga:
  13. Yes, add it.
    We should also make a forum games section. :haha:
  14. I'm with having an Entertainment section, it'll be useful and used well.
  15. I would surely use it. The Locker Room still has posts which only attract LQ discussion and this entertainment section would practically make it neater.
  16. I'd use it, add it Crayo.

  17. I know people would use it, it isn't about that, lol.
  18. Nope, bad idea.
    Then we become like every other forum that has a forum for everything, instead of their 'speciality' then a 'general' forum, in this case 'Locker Room'

    Don't do it.
    We're currently unique, we won't be then.
  19. I'm in for it, but I guess we wait until we get way more members.
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