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  1. Hey WF,

    You guys know how you guys have sections like Raw, Smackdown, WWE/WWF. Have you guys decided to put the logos beside the section rather than the guy getting body slammed?
  2. No logos unless they are custom made.
    I guess they could create logos similar to the original.
  3. But this is just a Fan Forum, no copyright is intended.
  4. In my opinion the chances for this forum to be closed down due to copyrights should be limited.
    Crayo will give you a better answer though.
  5. It's difficult. Other wrestling sites have them, but none of them (apart from a couple) have "wwe" in their domain name. We have to tread carefully as it is. Eventually once we get a constant amount of like 500 posts per day everyday, we probably will add different images to each section and remove the whole "Read/Unread" images, because they become no use when you get bigger. Done the same to my other site. Atm we're averaging around 300 a day which is great. I'll probably try speaking to someone more experienced with copyright for some better answers.

    We have our copyright disclaimer at the bottom, if it protects us from our domain name and subjects we discuss, then it should protect us from images if we tweak it a bit.
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