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  1. I noticed you have sections for RAW and Smackdown but not for NXT or Superstars.

    Also I think for the section "Other Wrestling" you should have a sub-section of TNA, ROH, Original ECW, NJPW, ect.
  2. Nxt and superstars wouldn't generate enough interet I believe. Also there isn't much need for a subsection as there aren't alot of threads yet.
  3. *Interest

    Also if this website is implying they are a WWE forum, they should add it regardless of how active it would be.

    As for "Other Wrestling" I think a Sub-Section for only TNA, maybe ROH would be fine considering they are Main Str3am. (Well TNA is more.)
  4. This exactly.

    I see your point. AS for NXT/Superstars, they're no where near spoke about enough. Hardly anyone watches them, let alone wants to come online to talk about them. They come under the "& Events" part of "PPV & Events". Think of it this way, we've had not one single thread on Superstars, or NXT (apart from my who watches it thread).

    As for "Other Wrestling", soon as TNA gets enough content it will get its own section outside of "Other Wrestling". Once RoH etc get enough, they'll become sub-sections. We don't need to add sections if they aren't as active :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. Other than the results and Curt Hawkins Interview thread. He's on both NXT and Superstars.
  6. But that was talking about him individually, nothing about NXT and Superstars. 2 threads doesn't change it all either; ).
  7. I get what you're saying, but what about WCW. We haven't discussed that yet but we shall if it is created.
  8. WCW can come under "General WWE". I know it was a different brand in its time, but since WWE purchased it I'm pertty sure it can come under there.

    If you want I can add a thread-prefix like I did for Attitude Era for WCW?
  9. Sounds like a good idea broski, WWWYKI!
  10. Lmao. Will add those tomorrow.
  11. What is ROH? Also, I watch TNA every Thursday, but it don't genereate near enough fans as what the WWE does.
    Ring of Honor
  13. Oh ok, I'll have to take a look at it then. Does it show on TV, or just online?
  14. Don't think it is on UK television, don't know about USA. Can watch it all online yeah.
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