Sega introduces Console-themed netbooks.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Feb 20, 2013.

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    I'll be getting the sega saturn, God i wish we could get one more system out of the GOAT company.
  2. Cool, they should come built in with Sega emulators. That'd be sweet.
  3. the netbooks qualities make it capable of running up to dreamcast will have to isozone your own.
  4. Not impressed... Simply because they don't come with any sega games on them. Add those and it would be an instant sell to me. And i know i can get Genesis games and stuff now but that's stealing.... *erases roms from hard drive*... And i don't steal. Honest!

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  5. Using 5+ year old processors with 4gb RAM for over $1k? :haha:
  6. I know I could do it, but it would be great if they made their own, optimized for PC gaming. Put 10 or 20 on with purchase, then charge 50 cents a game, they'd make a ton of bank.
  7. Yeah i was just reading this finally, up to 2k, for a skin.

    I will just wait until it fails...

    Also, emulation after 10 years i think is fine. 9/9/99 was the last console, and im pretty sure it died right around a decade ago. Ahh dreamcast, i love you still.
  8. Unfortunately sega is known for making stupid moves, such as this one. I want hdmi out with the cable, emulation, and 2 sega 6button controllers for it included.
  9. A Pentium 2020m? 2.4Ghz with just a 2MB cache.. granted it only came out the 3rd quater of 2012 but really... 2.4Ghz...
  10. Watchu talkin 'bout :willis:
  11. Who cares? it's still a shitty processor. Go play Runescape with it.
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  12. Learn to spell shitty.
  13. It's just a matter of time before I spell my own username wrong. :upset:
  14. Lol'd
  15. Like uhm, Big Hoss Ramsey? :gohan::rock:
  16. There is nothing wrong with Runescape!!! :angry:

  17. What the fuck is Runescape?

    And once again, why is this word registered on my Swype?

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  18. wtf is swype, and runescape is like wow for kids who dont have credit cards yet, and douches who are too cheap to pay for a worthwhile game.

    It was a great idea, raped, then the reason behind it forgotten as the shell is now just created for the goons who have 0$ to spend on their parents pc. Someone should tell them to emulate.
  19. Re: RE: Sega introduces Console-themed netbooks.

    Sounds like a waste of time. And Swype is my lazy way of texting on my phone by sliding my fingers along the keyboard instead of clicking them. The words are programmed in it already. That way i don't have to lift my finger to type. Too damn lazy to do that. Or i could just talk to my phone and let it type for me but I'm too lazy to talk right now.

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  20. :obama: you lazy S.O.B
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