Segment Announced for Monday's RAW with NXT Stars

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Excited to see this.
  2. Sounds awesome.

    Do you think this is a Punk/Heyman thing, or a vigilante group?
  3. I think it's Punk/Heyman thing. Second time they were stable with Punk/Heyman. And, they kind of showed up to save Punk, they could've came during the beginning when Ryback was on mic.
  4. Cole is going to get attacked.. obviously.
  5. Ambrose you need to speak.
  6. Excited for this hope it's awesome! Gotta say RAW is sucking me in again with this atm!
  7. It'd be nice if Ambrose cut a great promo and then they put Cole through the table.
  8. This. Not sure if Cole would take that bump though.
  9. After watching them beating Kidd and Santino down on ME I guess a regular Aided Powerbomb would do.
  10. Quite scared they're going to make Roman the focal point of the group, when he really shouldn't be.
  11. It's a possibility. Don't think there should be a focal point on the group though.
  12. To cut Roman some slack though. Whilst he's no Mick Foley on the mic or a Benoit in the ring he certainly isn't a Batista either. Remember Batista in Evolution? Definition of green.
  13. And I agree with Leo, there really shouldn't be a clear focal point of the group. Rather I'd hook them up with a manager perhaps to act as the spider in the web, allowing all three to run individual feuds whilst taking part in a big, overarching feud at the same time.
  14. Ring ability means nothing in this role. Batista > Roman because of the look alone in my opinion.

    Just don't want it to be a massive big deal that this guy is so "tough", because he's the least talented of the three.
  15. But first I want to know whether they're going to be a separate stable, have a connection with Punk/Heyman and things like that, after that I guess we'll be able to say for sure if there should be a focal point/manager etc., and by their appearance at ME it sort of makes me think they'll go by themselves.
  16. It's pretty much guaranteed that they will be connected with Punk. Furthermore, it's likely more will be called up to perhaps make it an "NXT invasion". This angle can go anywhere.
  17. Curious to see where it leads.
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