Self Harming.

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  1. What are the forums views on self harming and people who do it? Personally I don't do it, but it annoys me when I see people who do it or hear about people who do it.

    I mean logically what possible reason could there be to actually hurt yourself, it doesn't make the situation of what's making you sad go away. To me it seems pointless and most of the people who do it are seeking attention, but it's a difficult subject to talk about.

    Your thoughts?
  2. All attention seeking bullshit and if not that, then blatant stupidity.
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  3. Most people who have done it say it's because the pain takes your mind off of whatever is depressing you for that moment.. it is a moment of painful peace.

    I won't down anyone who self harms as it only makes the situation worse.

    Personally, I feel that anyone who subjects themselves to pain willingly needs mental help and I hope and pray that people who self harm can get the help they need.
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  4. I've heard it releases endorphins, so that's a key reason why people do it.

    It's sad that people do it but with how shitty the World can be to people, I can understand why, at least they're not flat out committing suicide.

    People who blindly rant about people self-harming make me cringe almost as much as people self-harming, like seriously, do some deep research on the topic including both perspectives' views or:
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  5. And it's attitudes like this that create the stigma of mental health.

    Some people don't have good lives and don't know how to cope other than to do that. And getting help with mental health is difficult at the best of times.
    There's a multitude of reasons as to why it happens- and sure, some people do it for attention, but you can't tar everyone with that brush.
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  6. That seems moreso stupidity to me.
  7. Hardly a surprise that you would think that.
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    I'm really not the best with my wording when it comes to such serious topics.

    It's a sad thing to whiteness especially if you know the person. I personally do not know what triggers it minus the fact that their so confused that they don't know which way to go about things, so to feel some sort of emotion they take it out on themselves in a gory manner.

    It's a dark place to be to bring yourself to that point and honsetly hearing stories about stuff like this, even witnessing it scares the living crap out of me. I truly hope anyone that is going through something as horrible as that, gets the help and understanding that they truly need and gets their life on track.
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  9. Good. Truth~
  10. I understand your reasoning behind why people do it, what I don't understand is that they think that hurting themselves will make life better. If anything not only are you hurting yourself but you're hurting other people. Instead of focusing that sadness into trying to make your life/self a better person instead you do the opposite. That sounds more like stupidity to me than anything else, but that's just my 2 cents.
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  11. Not many people do it because they think it'll make their lives better. The people who do have a mental illness/despressed, meaning what their judgement can be clouded at times. The human mind can easily become mentally damaged because of how complex it is, wouldn't they're stupid doing it, more misinformed by a brain which is in a bad condition.
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  12. They don't have dementia, it's not as if their whole sense of reasoning is fucked.
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  13. Because people who do it generally aren't in the best frame of mind and often aren't thinking straight. Depression is so complex.
    Sometimes people do it because they hate themselves and think they deserve it. Some people do it because it's the only thing that will make them feel any relief. There really are a load of reasons.

    Some people hide cutting very well- not everybody is so quick to go showing off their cuts as some people would have you believe.
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  14. It's not about making your life better... it's about making that moment better as I said in my response... it temporarily takes your mind off the things that you don't want your mind to be on. Just changing your mind is not always a feasible solution and depression is a real mental illness of it gets bad enough.. it can eventually manifest physically. I recommend that anyone thinking of harming themselves to get help. I know that, at least here in the States, there are hotlines to call... there are groups t join.. all free of charge non profits that help with these sorts of things. Being depressed does not equal being stupid even in the least.... but being uneducated on something and commenting on it surely is.. Mister Nerox3.
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    Thats not the only mental condition which has such a significant effect lol. Seems like you're one of those self-righteous lads who aren't actually that smart but pretend they are.
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  16. Lel people getting mad now. Simple version- Depression is not dementia you dense fools.
  17. Dementia > depression~
  18. Nobody said it was. You pulled that claim out of thin air.
  19. It's something that's always confused me is all, I can't stand stubbing my toe, let alone breaking my own skin with a sharp object :/.

    I understand they may have less clarity during times of depression but surely again, hurting yourself is just going to make other hurt aswell. God knows how I'd feel if someone had cut themselves because of something I've done, I genuinely don't know what i'd do.
  20. Still doesn't mean a mental affect will be hugely significant.

    That's like saying Pizza is good so Bacon is automatically shit lol. Both can be in the same category, just once is slightly more significant than the other
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