Selling Old WWE Merch!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by jnnfrths, May 31, 2012.

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  1. Signed 2004 event program. In good condition given the age, and it's signed by Shelton Benjamin.

    2005 event program.

    2005 event program.

    2006 event program.

    all of the 2006 issues of WWE Magazine, including the very first issue ever and the special issues.

    complete collection of WWE Magazine 2007, including special issues.

    8 issues of WWE Magazine from 2009.

    5 issues of WWE Magazine from 2010, including a picture of Triple H and one of Randy Orton from the February issue.

    A Batista hat purchased in 2005. Black with white stitching, says "The Animal" on the front with the WWE logo and "Batista" on the back.

    A Wrestlemania 22 hat purchased in 2006. Logo on the front, date of the event on the back.

    I apologize for the wrinkles in the shirts, but if you buy them I'll rewash them before sending.
    Chris Y2J Jericho '2004 World Tour' shirt. Purchased in 2004. Size medium. Very rare and collectible shirt.

    Trish Stratus 'Let's Do It' Women's shirt. Purchased in 2006, I think. Size large, fits like a baby doll tee.

    a WWE event shirt from 2007. The collar is cut off. Size medium.

    Eddie Guerrero Tribute arm band purchased the day it first went on the WWE site

    Entire dvd and cd collection
    feel free to PM me or comment in this thread if interested! thanks!
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  2. I advise eventually if someone is interested listing it on Ebay then giving them the link to avoid potential scams or miscommunication.

    It's allowed though I guess, it's wrestling-related so :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Good luck.
  3. I wanted to try to avoid ebay as long as I could, but I will probably have to list them anyway!
  4. Try Craigslist.

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  6. yes


    I put most of it on ebay now, with lowered prices.
  7. Wow, you're pretty.. :lol:
  8. thanks sir
  9. Are you going to post on the forum too, or was this strictly business? :boss:
  10. Jose perving up the females.
  11. It took you a while to do this to me..

    This thing you do to me, feels like this..


  12. Umm, pretty interested to buy the mags. Do you do International shipping? I can pay extra. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  13. what ones are you interested in? we could do international
  14. We? You got a twin sister?
  15. [size=x-large]I just found my Eddie Guerrero tribute arm band, and it's also for sale.

    purchased from the WWE Shopzone right when it was released. $10
  16. :shock:

  17. Requesting timestamp of you OP otherwise I call deh bullsiiit.
  18. All The mags, but yeah, I'm on Asia. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  19. 'On Asia' :lol:

    High On Asia.. :boss:
  20. Silly Jose.

    Fine, I'm currently residing in Asia until I got sufficient funds to go the Big US of A.
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