News Sena Shiori is going to graduate from TJPW, her last match is on April 24.


Thank you for always supporting Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.

It's a sudden announcement, but Shio Rin Sena will graduate from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling at the end of the match at Itabashi Green Hall on April 24th.

Shio Rin Sena has had a chronic illness before her debut, and has continued to wrestle while watching the progress so far.
However, there was a doctor's advice that it is better to stop the activity of professional wrestling and concentrate on treatment in order to cure it completely, and I talked with him, but she is still young at 19 years old, and her life after this I also thought about it and came to the conclusion that I would graduate from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.

We apologize for the sudden announcement to everyone who was expecting Shio Rin Sena to play an active role in the future.

After graduating, I will take a different path, but I think that I will make use of my experience at Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling and move forward with that brightness and smile.

Thank you for your support until the final match.

Shio Rin Senna's comment is as follows.


Thank you for your support.
I'm sorry for the sudden announcement.
The doctor in charge told me that it was as soon as possible, so I consulted with him.
I decided to do my best until I managed to win my first victory in order to respond to the feelings of everyone who supported me.
This time, I was able to win my first victory at Korakuen Hall, which made me feel better.
Thank you to everyone who supported us.
It was a very happy professional wrestling life.
I will do my best in the last game, so please support me!

I know, many don't follow TJPW here, but she was really good and have bright future ahead of her, but health comes first. I do hope she gets better and may be return to the ring one day
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