Sentimental wrestling moments..

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  1. My question is: A moment in wrestling that transcended things.. A moment that made you reflect if you will..

    For myself, it was the day of Eddie Guerrero's passing.. I remember I along with my pal Cesar spent the night at our friend Luwy's house, and were awoken by the news.. At first we didn't believe it.. We thought our pal was just trying to get a reaction out of us... I knew Eddie had battled his demons throughout the years, but in my eyes he recovered and was a top tier in the WWE... We went to his computer to find the news was actual... I remember watching raw, and the whole video package with "hurt" by Johnny Cash.. That was a moment where I, in a sense felt sorrow in wrestling... I was affected by Owen as well, but was too young at that time to really understand the magnitude of it.
  2. Any moment a fellow wrestler dies. Also, a couple of retirement moments such as Ric Flair's.
  3. Eddie's death is naturally my first. HBK retiring was pretty emotional even though I knew it was happening. Edge's retirement was also really sad.
  4. Death and retirements of course, but Christian winning the WHC and then hugging Edge afterwards gave me goose bumps. Christian had busted his ass for the company for years and was finally rewarded, and was able to celebrate with his life long best friend who he was able to live out his dream with.

    Storybook/fairytale type stuff

    same type of deal at WM 20 w/ Eddie retaining and Benoit winning his first title.. can't watch this without getting goosebumps
    JR's commentary puts it over the top. FINALLY. FINALLY. BAH GAWD FINALLY
  5. The deaths of Eddie and Owen go without mention. One kayfabe moment which has always had sentimental value is Eddie's title win for me. It just seemed he had finally completed his redemption.

  6. WrestleMania 20, when Eddie Guerrero hugged an empty space while confetti fell from the ceiling

    LOL Too bad that moment never happened
  7. Wrestlemaina 24 Ric Flair's retirement.

    I wasn't even excited for this match but afterwards i got choked up n shed a few tears for the guy.
  8. I feel bad for laughing.

    It was funny when they were talking about Miz entering the RR #1 this year and they were like only two guys have entered #1 and gone on to win, one of them is Shawn Michaels!

    it was like, oh yea WWE, who was the other??
  9. Lol I must admit I laugh, but they're right not to mention him.
  10. I understand why the 86'd him from the record books, it had to be done from a business perspective. It's just sad how the entire thing played out. People blame Benoit but I blame the industry. He was legitimately out of his mind by the time the tragedy occurred, his brain was mush from the combination of steroids, pain killers, and head trauma caused by things like diving head butts (off of cages/ladders no less) and unprotected chair shots (to the front and back of the head.) In his mind I believe Benoit thought he was doing 'the right thing' as strange as it sounds. He left bibles with both bodies, so I think he believed he was taking his family to heaven, away from an unfit world

    I understand that many will disagree and see him as a monster, but I never will
  11. This is a man who said he was paid to travel, so he could wrestle for free

    Benoit was no different than any Pro football player who suffered for the sport.

    .... except that he Benoit'd his family..... which completely sucks

    How can you crossface your own son? Shame..... that guy was awesome, too. Terribly tragic story