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  1. Searched it here, didn't find it. Serial is an amazing podcast people should look into, listen in for, and then reddit. It's dank, interesting, and really does a number on the basis of ethics from all sides. Here is a list of your doucher celebs and how much they love it.

    There original post is found by just doing a simple google search. You're smart enough to do that. It's 12 episodes done on a murder in 1999 where a man was convicted (and IMO likely guilty) with little/no evidence on a murder pre-9/11. It entails social stigma's before people think it was socially acceptable. The main reason he was convicted was based off cell tower evidence (shady at best, those of us with cell phones at that time..I was 14..) and the admission of guilt from someone who might as well ahve been the son of the prosecutor. He even changed his timeline up this month in a new interview, fucking the prosecutors theory over in its entirety.

    It's a great podcast, and i'm sure I did this already. So for those of us in the loop: what do you think? For those not interested - do your job. For those of you uninterested, hit the back button and go back to pewdiepie.

    What say you?
  2. I say everyone hit back and watched pewdiepie
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  3. I might check this out later. Sounds interesting.

    Or then again, I might not. :jericho:
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