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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Not going to go into detail or anything, but I've been hanging out with this girl I met at the bar, (Don't have to be 21 to go in), and the thing is, I really really like her, but she's 35, and I'm only 18.., Would that seem weird if I were to date her?
  2. I think you should be prepared to be shot down. All be it quite cool for YOU to date an older women, it certainly isn't cool for HER to date a younger guy in his teens.
  3. Unfortunately for you, this is probably correct.

    Of course, if not, :yes::yes::yes:

    Or, for simplicity's sake: go for it!

  4. No, I already know she likes me, but it would feel weird dating her with that much of an age gap, but she is cool as hell, and I really do like her.
  5. If age is a problem for her, she'll tell you.

    If age is a problem for you, you shouldn't ask.

    First things first, does Bumblebee want to date a 35-year-old woman? For what it's worth, most people have less of a problem with a younger guy/older woman scenario than have a problem with serious age differences between an older man/younger girl dynamic. But, if her age is a problem for you, then that answers your question.

  6. quit dating @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage]'s mom.
  7. Ewww^^ I want someone who actually knows how to input proper grammar into a sentence.
  8. This grammar boner people are getting is outrageous. Do work, i went 8 1/2 years older for a while, there are a lot of conversation/life issue gaps you will encounter, but if she makes you happy, i can't see a reason not to at least test the waters before you jump in. Do work is what i say.
  9. Age really shouldn't be a defining factor of any relationship, unless it's extreme differences that would end up involving the police and Chris Hansen.
    If you both have mutual feelings and make each other happy, then go for it. Live in the now, and don't question yourself about the opinion of others.

    And besides, at the very least, she's more likely to be experienced in bed and may even be able to teach you a thing or two.
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  10. I like the way you think broski! :obama:
  11. it should be the opposite bro. when you're 35, you should be banging 18 years olds. not the other way around.
  12. ^he does the same age gap regardless of 18+. Hoss wants to be banging 13 year olds when he's 30. :true:
  13. Can I ask how you know she likes you? Gut feeling, or did she tell you? If she told you, did you not bring age into the discussion then?

    If she doesn't know you like her, then let her know too, because if she likes you I doubt any negative reaction will occur.
  14. Avoid relationship advice from the guy who is taking weeks to break something off he would rather be out of. His words make sense, but remember the source. :lol1: had to hate.
  15. She thrusted her vagina in his face while singing sex bomb.
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  16. Depends, can she pass for a 20ish year old?
  17. IS SHE DTF
  18. Does she look like a milf?
  19. Laughed way more than I should have.
  20. 35 going for 18, she is dtf and hoping for stamina.
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