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  1. If the undertaker won a title at wrestlemania but someone cashed in money in the bank would that mean it would be ?-1
  2. Technically yes, because someone cashing in would mean Undertaker is obligated to wrestle an official match.
  3. why has no one ever done that.

    Then they could say they ended the streak
  4. It would be a crap way of ending the streak. It's nothing to brag about, challenging a wore down Taker on the spot and beating him after an already long competitive match with someone else. Thus, it wouldn't get anyone over, which would obviously be the goal if WWE had Taker lose his streak to anyone. WWE will probably never book the end of Taker's streak, but that would be one of the last ways they'd book it if they ever did.
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  5. Is this what I fear :shock: all the talk with Sheamus wanting Undertaker at Wrestlemania.... Undertaker will beat him then Ziggler cashes in?
  6. If wrestling were "real", that's exactly what I would do if I were Ziggler.
  7. The Undertaker won't compete for the WHC anymore.
  8. Considering the schedule Taker works these days, this would be the only scenario in which I can see him wrestling for the title again. And, yes, that would be the first Mania match he had ever lost.

    I'm honestly not sure how I would feel about it, even if it were someone I really liked (and Ziggler would qualify), I don't know that I want to see The Streak end in defeat.


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  9. If the streak is ever going to end, it needs to be in an act of passing the torch and building the future. Otherwise, why tarnish something so legendary?
  10. I absolutely agree. The only guy on the roster (active roster right this moment) who I would in any way like to see break the streak is Wade Barrett.

    And it would be the ultimate rub.

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