Seriously, don't get me wrong here.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DarksideTrin, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. And not sure why my other thread needed locking. But it Is just my 2 cents. Sure I tend to give it freely and on several occasions. But I actually want what's best for the forum.

    I actually own and run a business.

    I have seen things work and seen things fail.

    When I write this post, I KNOW I'm going to get flamed. It doesn't bother me.

    If you don't want my suggestions @crayo @xanth that's fine.
    If you just have this thing up for shiggles fine.

    But if you started this for profit.........



    You can lock/delete if ya want.

    Didn't realize the other one was unlocked
  2. I didn't close that, I think Xanth did. I replied fairly with enough facts and statements to justify my disagreement with this very random thread. Anyway, a business is much different from running a forum. I'm sorry but it's not as easy as just coming on and moderating. Secondly, this isn't made for profit. This is a hobby for me which I eventually want to become a career in a few years maybe. I'm just a huge wrestling fan and I disagreed with every other wrestling forum out there in terms of setup/moderation and I have forum experience, I just put two and two together. All site income is used to keep the site online and reinvest in features/design.

    Ignore the flamers, they're just defensive -- rightly so. This section doesn't determine whether people sign up. The wrestling category ABOVE this is probably the biggest factor. This forum is brand new, unlike our competition we're not owned by a very profitable big company. We can't invest in adwords, we're doing it naturally. We are what, 8 months old? Our competition (main competition) are all 10+ years old. I do know what I'm doing despite my sometimes fun and immature attitude. This site shouldn't be as successful (in terms of activity, not income) as it is at this age, it just shouldn't. But it is and I'm grateful for that, but it isn't luck, this is a great place in my opinion for all users.
  3. Yes, but coming from a tapatalk user.... All current forums pop up... Today was the crayo is gay and the mike dot is hated ones right off the bat.

    Some times new user don't get to use the sections they go into on tapatalk. Most just see what's current.

    Haters don't bother me. Every time I try to be helpful the flame is
  4. Tapatalk is a forum application. Until that counts for even 3% of incoming traffic I can not change the whole style of the forum. I understand you use it but you seem to think it's the life and death of WWE Forums, it's really not.

    As for people flaming you, I strongly disagree with that. This community is filled with nice welcoming users, check the introduction section and wrestling sections. You choose to enter this section which is inevitably and rightly so dip in terms of quality.

    But your point was it's going to drastically stop growth and then took a shot at our growth rate which is just shocking, lol. More on to your point though, we should perhaps stop stupidly LQ threads and user-specific threads being posted eventually, but we're very lenient and I pride myself on that at the moment. I prefer to concentrate on how good our wrestling content is than how LQ our off-topic content is.
  5. If you were searching for this site and not a user, would you see those threads pop up? No. This thread is only being read by people waiting to see someone flame another pointless post from you. People come in the locker room to chat and fuck around, none of those threads got even close to the 18+ posts we now need because of people posting boob pics and nudes of divas. This is the internet, not real life, and joking around about crayo being gay, or being honest about mikedawt being a dbag (haha, see?) is a great way to keep the site on point, while allowing the members to fool around.

    How are your last two posts HQ? You are pointing out what you see as flaws, and the last time i checked you could PM crayo just the same. You're welcome for pointing out the obvious.
  6. Did I once state I was a HQ poster? No
    Sorry @crayo if you thought I was taking shots. Those were posted as questions.

    Maybe I should just use the Internet browser on my phone instead of tapatalk.....hmmm, you may have a point there.

    @aidsjohnson. I unblocked you a while ago it seems. Although I find most of your posts redundant and flat out moronish at times. Sometimes you post something relevant... So most of the time I choose to ignore you. Do the same for me.

    @crayo, I didn't come to this forum to save it or anything. I'm prolly in the minority of the fluff that sometimes gets posted on here. Prolly because I am older.

    That's why I only offer up stuff as suggestions and questions.

    Like I said. This is your house not mine.
  7. Somebody is butthurt. :true:
  8. Put me on ignore and ill continue laughing at your shit posts. I could care less what you think about me, which is why you have to ignore my posts instead of laugh them off or actually read on, while i get to read yours, post, and laugh.
  9. My ass is fine Miz... That's for looking!


    As I said @aidsjohnson I unblocked you a while ago. Sometimes you come up with a gem.
  10. I enjoy looking. Give me some candy and a van and call me pedobear.
  11. I'm deserving of BitW on this forum, if i posted serious and HQ stuff all the time, no one would love to hate me like so many users do. Aids > you.
  12. God this is so damn true. Aids > I > everyone else > Crayo
  13. The forum imo appears and works much better on Chrome, which is what I use. Everything works lovely. I know you weren't malicious at all, you were just misunderstood :emoji_slight_smile:. I hope I've sort of cleared things up without sounding like an ass.
  14. aids vs darksidtrin

  15. With Farooq as referee and ring announcer
  16. [video=youtube][/video]

    Watch this while you wait for it to start. :jericho:
  17. Wouldn't be much of a match....

    I'm the sandow to his santino!
  19. Sandow could spell you're right, you could not dear sir, please :gtfo:
  20. Kidding me? I am The Jericho to your kellykelly, they shouldnt let us match because people dont really get down with champions beating whores. :jericho:
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