Seriously people this kaitlyn bs needs to end.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nobody, May 1, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Seriously, what is up with all these dicks being so obsessed with a nice pair of tits some doctor put in? Look at that face, ANY of you could fuck her in real life, and i've seen some of your pictures. People need to give it up. No, Stephanie Mcmahon benching weights is still sexier, Lita's gross body next to the prune we know as CM punk is STILL BETTER, and TNA's ODB is just as attractive (crayo agrees)

    Use this thread however you want, but STFU about Kaitlyn, you virgin fucks.
  2. It has only started :ksi:
  3. AJ s way better looking plus the psycho thing is strangely hot.
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  4. Jesus christ AJ lee? Are you fucking pedophiles? Sure she looks 16 and has no body whatsoever, oh god so attractive. Learn to Assmacher people.
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  5. Assmacher isn't that attractive either IMO.
  6. She has a nice ass though.
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  7. She fits the Diva title more than most of the shitty main roster of Divas. Kaitlyn's big and looks unstoppable and her tits are quite amazing, fake or not, I don't judge. Natalya I think would be the only other Diva more fitting. She wanted to do a diva ladder match. :dawg:
  8. Just wait and Crayo will post that she's nothing compared to Vickie
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  9. 16 really? Cuz she has no tits and is skinny? If thats the case i look 16 as im small, have no beard and im chubby aka puppy fat. Jeez i hope u aint a bouncer. AJ looks 20+
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  10. inb4 chyna and vickie in a bra and panties match
  11. In a ring covered with mud
  12. Yeah, I don't see how she's like 16 either. I'm 20 and I look like I'm 15 and same goes for a lot of people I've met in San Francisco.
  13. She's now here. Next to me. Sleeping on my bed,and I can tell you that she isnt 16.
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  14. Ppl seem to take body as a fail safe conclusion of ur age. When its ur facial features that give more away.
  15. That was my 300 like :yay:

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    Let the hate begin
  16. in the closet pedo. Go date some 18 year old gymnist.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Go get some ¨old enough¨ stuff
  19. She's nothing compared to Vickie. HA BEAT YOU TO IT CRAYO, SUCK IT RODRIGO
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  20. Please AJ was a current Diva option I'd rather get me some Mickie James.
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