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    Post: #13Hello.
    - Banned for the multi accounts.

    So you're a 30 year old man Darkside / Lanny who owns a business and has a family but you're mocking someone who has admitted to having learning difficulties on a wrestling forum? Banter is all good but now you're acting like a joke. Grow up please. I know Randy has rubbed some people the wrong way but it is usually dealt with, see his threats to leave the forum as an example in the Locker Room, just stop with the gimmick stuff.

    Seriously man. You seem to have the biggest hard on for busting my balls about something designed to be fun. I created the new account for my son so we could have some fun as a character. Just because YOU seem to think it isnt gives you no right to arbitrarily delete his account. I just hadn't gotten to messaging crayo about shutting down his original account.

    You allow users to do crap and such as a character.
    I even complained about it repeatedly as I thought they were distracting from the actual wrestling discussions.

    I then decide F++k it. I may as well come up with something compelling and that ACTUALLY tied it to my entire time here as a persona and even got my son to join up because I thought it could be fun.

    It would appear to me that you have some freudian man love thing for savage and you just cant handle the fact that I actually get under his skin and you seem to be severely butt hurt about it.

    Sure YOU didnt like it. But some do. It was fun and harmless.


    The name was DIXON YAMADA (dicks in ya madda) say it three times fast.

    You call me a joke but dude. Your a bigger buzz kill then Buzz Killington

    Just because you didn't know what was happening does not mean other didn't.
    Crayo should be aware as I was sending him messages about what was happening. that way if he thought it was going too far I would have stopped. I am well aware that I am newish.. but since ive been here, when I have posted concerns. I have been blasted by both Randy savage, and Aids johnson, and others. BUT when I decide to have some fun and some of the community think its hilarious. You pull the plug.

    Plus you do it without one message privately saying "whats going on"

    Way to go champ

    I have lost any and all respect for you as an admin of a website.
    Next time do some effing research

    I post this here because I dont hide from issues.
    YES I own a business
    YES I pick on Randy Savage. He is very abrasive and deserves to be made fun of. Bust because he has spelling issues doesn't mean he has downs syndrome. I actually work with people with High medical needs disabilities as well.
    YES darkside noah is my 12 year old son. I referred him here
    NO Dixon Yamada is not really a lawyer but the name is hilarious if you took maybe 3 minutes to say it in your head instead of being quick to ban

    YES im flipping pissed at you right now

    Get off your damn high horse

    Flame away haters
  2. Cool post bro, want a cookie?
  3. :lol1: this made my day. Seabs dominated you for being a douche and for stepping over the line on someone you should have a better understanding for. Just because you have black friends doesnt make a racist comment less offensive to a certain type of people. I have had constant threads closed, and plenty of warnings or other posts given to me based on what i post to others. Thankfully, none about you or jonathan, or webx, as you all seem to lack the understanding of a set of rules created to run the forum. You were banned for how you stated it, not the meaning of the words involved to it. If you had found a more subtle way of posting it, the name would have been allowed to keep going, and at most given a warning level and possibly a pm to say that you should watch how you say thing. Fortunately, you were banned, and i was allowed to enjoy this thread, and even post a message in reply to it.

    Hopefully he bans your other name, as you are a LQ member who posts on threads to state that you are "above" other users and how the message, which is hilarious as you are a joke here. Thanks for the laugh, and i could care less about your 12 year old son. Seabs doesnt post for crayo or the other staff, and i doubt he was the one to pull the trigger to ban, although im sure he suggested it. Again, thanks for the laugh. Love being compared to RandySavage.
  4. Take this to PM, this has no right being public. What I will say though, Randy does not deserve to be made fun of, and you certainly aren't special by getting under his skin, no one beats Randy in flame wars. You've yet to, Aids has yet to, no one has and no one will, he's the GOAT.

    Closed, PM him if you think he has a personal vendetta. PM me if you want me to junk this thread completely.
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