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    Hey all.

    Just notifying ya'll in advance that tomorrow, I plan to move the forum to a new dedicated server.
    This is something that needs to happen, and probably should have months ago.
    Server is moving from Paris, France to NYC Metro, US. This should make things much speedier for those of you on the west coast (1 reason for me doing this).

    Downtime expected is anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I'll probably start working between 11am-3pm EST.

    Thank you.
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  2. D.C? Knew you worked for the government. Delete those plans I sent.
  3. My mistake, it's my other sites moving there.
    WWEF will be hosted in NYC Metro.
  4. What about us Eurotrash will things be speedy or not:idk:
  5. I'm in EU too, and yes it'll be very quick. This move allows for global coverage with minimal site loading times.
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  6. I haven't had problems with the site in quite a while. All's swell here. But, cool to know you're always improving the place!

    Thank you, Speedball Soli.
  7. You won't notice anything wrong on site, but what you don't see is how this old server is crippled and running at very high load all the time.
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  8. So's your Mum

    out of no where
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  9. My body is ready
  10. Can't wait for the new theme.
  11. Doing a test move now, if all goes well then I'll close the forum shortly after and complete it.
  12. Test was a success, will complete this after I eat.
  13. Has the server moved, yet?
  14. Not yet.
  15. Well, get goin' foo'! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  16. Move starts in a few minutes.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. lol @Soli no selling Crayo. Our hero, our leader.
  19. Looks to have been successful.
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