Seth Informed of Winining Title during WM.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Apr 2, 2015.

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  2. Must've been a very happy moment for him.
  3. I bet Reigns was pissed.
  4. I guess. Really shouldn't be though, they're not gonna give up on the guy. They're just saving up his push for later when (hopefully) he's not being booed so bad.
  5. Took it better than his family it seems. :hmmm:
  6. Honestly bet he was relieved, though it would take an honest moment for him to admit as much.
  7. It must've been a helluva surprise. I'm glad he won it at Mania of all places, though.
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  8. Just imagine being backstage at WM and getting told your about to win the WWEWHC in the main event right out the blue. :rollins::yes:
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  9. Aye... The dude must've marked out.
  10. I would've :damn:
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  11. I have to say, I never saw it coming and i'm glad. I am juiced he got the title over Reigns, I just really hope he doesnt end up a champ like @Snowman 's favorite TNA guy.
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  12. Must have felt like Christmas. To go from losing a very good-but-still-midcard match to Randy Orton to finding out mid-way through the show that in an hour or so he would be making history by being the first man to cash in and become WWE Champion at Wrestlemania.
  13. Yh his match with Randy was good and it would have been annoying to have had to lose it but I don't think Seth is really that bothered.
  14. I still can't believe he's my friend's wife's cousin. Visit your family man! So I can shake your hand lol
  15. Seth's her cousin don't you think it's time for a Family Reunion.
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  16. I'm not saying he was, just that cashing in and becoming WWE Champion was a complete 180 and a lot more of an eventful end to his evening than just losing to Randy would have been. The same would be true even if he had beaten Orton.
  17. Yeah I think I know a guy whose wife's cousin is related too, can't wait until I meet him.
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  18. Can't I just be a mark for mark's sake? Jeez

  19. @Dat Kid denies your request
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  20. @Trip in the Head That re-union i think it should be held in the UK more specifically Cheshire (not that i live close or nothing)
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