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So Rollins is just going off on Twitter currently and I’m just gonna put all the tweets in here because organised! First it started with Seth just simply stating that WWEs the best pro wrestling on the planet. Also if you look in the replies then you will see my reply of not knowing what professional wrestling is, only knowing of Sports Entertainment. I’m a comedic genius, I’m aware.

Then he continued after the great 205 match.

This got the attention of Mister Will Osprey who replied and Rollins took him down with some stomping ground spoilers that I have to put in a spoiler.

AND YOU THINK HE WAS DONE?! He then had a go at Cageside Seats and Creator of Molly Danger (good comic book btw), Jamal Igle.

When a guy who literally writes Comic Book villains tells ya to tone it down, you should probably listen.

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WWE did in fact put on a great show past night. I think the locker room realized how much everyone has been shitting on WWE, so they all stepped their game up. Stomping Ground blew AEW out of the water last night, in pretty much all areas. AEW fanboys will still be bias and not look at the booking, wrestling, and entertainment objectively and just say "wEll BaRoN cOrBiN sHoUlDnT bE In ThE mAiN eVeNt!"


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Seth went full Try Hard and it is just sad, man. This is what happens when you drink the Kool-Aid. Also, Will is better than Ricochet especially since he isn't taking as many risks and has a balance of Aerial and Ground offense. Also, calling WWE the best professional wrestling company is the most shillest thing I have heard ever from a wrestler from WWE.


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There was another time he was in hot water over a tweet, as he explained how much of a miracle it was for them to get those shows on the air.

He comes across to me as a locker room leader where, despite stuck in a bubble and still trying to give insane effort when he's on the road 200+ days a year, sees his company being shit on non stop and tries to defend the boys in the back.

Based on what people said about Stomping Grounds, when guys like Zayn and Owens quit collecting paychecks and went out to remind you how much you love them, the locker room had a fire lit under it's ass. Good on Seth if true. Keep motivating the talent to try their best to elevate the shows past what the creative team wants them to be.

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WWE is the Best Production You Can Not Deny That..
All i know is i am not on a AEW, TNA, NJPW Ect Sites Saying There Average There Crap
So Why Be Here On a WWE Site Saying There Average There Crap Doh! :facepalm1: Just Don't Be Here Tools lol 🤣

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The Solomonster sums up this entire situation
very nicely...& I have to agree with his assessment.

I think its a real shame that Seth finally has the top title &
the ratings & attendances are at their lowest in many years.

I mean its not really Seth's fault...much like it wasn't Diesel's
fault back in the day...BUT...its not a good look.

And just look at who he's feuding with...

Baron Corbin...the man who removes sports & entertainment
from sports entertainment.

Corbin COULD have been an absolute beast...he could have
been a dirty, violent loner who lashed out at everyone that
got in his way...but no. One failed cash in & a stupid suit vest
later & he's just a sad, unfunny joke.

Also...I have a question for everyone here...

Why does the Rollins/Styles feud last one match...while Corbin
gets 3 title shots at 3 consecutive pay per views?

That's like eating a fresh lamb kebab & then following it with three
helpings of dried dog shit.

I'm actually curious to see how long the WWE lets Seth keep
the "Red Liquorice Belt" because of the current "numbers"
being achieved by the company.

I mean technically all Vince has to do is yell "Le$nar's cashing in!"
& the Universal title gets another reset with Bork Le$nar again.

I get Seth is feeling the pressure...but that is no reason to make
a fool/ass/idiot of yourself on social media.

Frankly I think Twitter/Social Media is a fucking blight on the
wrestling industry & the WWE has allowed Twitter to become
too important in building feuds & storylines.

Does anyone remember when wrestlers had something to say...
they said it "live" on the actual programming?

I mean I don't remember Mankind & the Undertaker exchanging
twitter insults...I remember them beating the piss out of each
other in multiple matches...and it actually felt "real" because
of that.

Benoit & Angle didn't trade "digital insults" they traded wrestling holds...

Kane was the best because he didn't talk at all...he just destroyed people
to make a point.


Less Twitter shit talking...more Wrestling high quality matches.
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