Seth Rollins Hacked, Nude Photo of NXT Diva Posted

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    WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has had his account hacked on Twitter and Instagram. There is a picture that is circulating of NXT Diva Zahara Schreiber naked. @WWERollins is his Twitter handle. The picture has been removed and the account is running normally.

    NSFW (open)

    Edit: Sorry no NSFW pic. Someone complained about the pic.

    UPDATE: Revealing Facebook Comments Appear to Suggest Seth Rollins Cheated on Fiancée

    WWE Superstar Seth Rollins is in hot water tonight after his social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter featured an explicit photo of recently signed NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber.

    In an update, Rollins' fiancé Leighla Schultz has seemly fired back at her Husband-to-be by posting explicit photos of the WWE Superstar on her twitter - these have since been removed.

    The following appeared on Leighla's Facebook profile, make of it what you will.

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    She's hawt, Rollins is a lucky bastard if he banged her. :happy:Well, not that lucky, considering his fiancé will prolly kick his ass.
  3. fake tits remind me of nazis
  4. Well... Blame the hacker, I guess... Or blame Rollins for still keeping photos of a girl he used to bang while being engaged.

  5. Even if he banged her, dick move cheating on his fiancé.
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  6. I was joking, of course. I don't condone him cheating on his fiancé.
  7. People gotta start using piss font so I can know what comments are sarcastic or jokes.
  8. We could adopt the yellow color as the official color for sarcastic/jokes comments.
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  9. Who gives a fuck if a wrestler cheats on his wife? Most people cheat, most marriages wind up in divorce. If Seth thinks getting some side pussy is the move, that's his decision. His old lady probably fucks other dudes while he is on the road too lol
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  10. @CM Punk nsfw images aren't allowed in public threads do ur damn job
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  11. lol shut up you pussy
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  12. This is just a cover up of you being gay. :pipebomb:
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  13. I'm at school btw, so if another staff or ZTO can edit out the NSFW pic, that'd be cool.
  14. Rollins was a lil bit too stiff
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  15. Bolt on tits and an average dick. Why did I even take off my pants for this shit.
  16. Love the tats on her, hate the fake tits, she probably had some really nice ones prior to getting an enhancement.. also cmon now did his wife really not know being a MITB holder allows you entrance to any woman's orfice? :rollins2:
  17. Won't be the first or last person to cheat- especially where wrestlers are concerned. Not cool though.
  18. OP thought NSFW pics were allowed in regular sections?

    On topic: Glad to see this won't impact Rollins negatively in the company. But sucks to be him.
  19. Dramaaaa
  20. That chick has heinous tits. Disgusting
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