News Seth Rollins injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Majour, Nov 5, 2015.

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  1. Jonathan Coachman tweeted that due to a ACL/MCL/Meniscus tear Rollins could be out for 6-9 months

    Further to this, WWE also posted:

  2. Dang well... wth they going to do now?
  3. [​IMG]
    Here you go.
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  4. I seen someone tweet that he got carried out. That suck for him a lot but I guess the wwe will pass it on to Roman for sure.
  5. What are the odds there'll be another Battle Royale?
  6. A tournament is going to be held at Survivor Series. Fucking 9 vibes man.

    Shame that Rollins got injured. He was the lynchpin for the WWE for a bit over 2 years now and was really establishing himself as a top dog. Him being one of my favorite guys period aside.
  7. Bummer!

    He's one of my favorite guys on the roster and man, I'm gonna miss him!

    Have a speedy recovery, brother.
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  8. lol.

    Looking back at the gif and video, it seemed like his leg snapped to the side. Like HHH's injury from 2001.
  9. Interesting tweet from Storm.
  10. wake me up inside [can't wake up]
  11. Sucks for him (especially if he misses Wrestlemania), but at least it'll freshen up the show by giving us a new champion instead of more of Seth's repetitive booking and boring promos. At least Seth taking several months off will give them a logical reason to do a 180 with his character and have him return as a babyface, ala HHH in 2001.
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  12. Obligatory Ambrose for champ post.

    Seth'll come back over as hell, it'll be a stupid move not to bring him back as a face.
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  13. Hoping for Ambrose vs. Reigns at the finals.
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  14. Probably was already planned, now it's more obvious but this sucks and now has to change the whole storyline, it was looking good last Monday. When I saw this an hour earlier my jaw just dropped for 10 seconds, WWE might of failed Rollins' reign as champion but at a time like this to damage the storyline... Just bad
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  15. It's probably what we'll get.

    And there are two plausible scenarios:
    1. Ambrose turns heel and becomes the new champ
    2. Reigns wins clean as a sheet

    Both are fine by me.
  16. Ambrose vs Reigns in the finals would be the most logical thing to do, especially if one of them were to turn heel on the other. People were already speculating/hoping for an unlikely double turn to occur between Reigns and Rollins as a recreation of the 1998 Survivor Series ending where Reigns would become The Authority's new chosen champion, so while it has a maybe 2% chance of happening, imagine how epic it would be to still have them help Reigns defeat Ambrose in the finals and christen him their new golden boy now that Seth is on the injury list.
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  17. Add him to the long list of guys who are currently injured.
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