Seth Rollins is Jeff Hardy version 2 Vince sees this

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Seth Rollins is Jeff Hardy version 2 Vince sees this and I think hes gonna be pushed majorly hard when the Shield split and be a huge face with all his high flying moves and he will have his own merch like Jeff did that will sell very well. Vince was obviously gutted when Jeff left WWE but now hes found a version 2 of him in Seth Rollins everything about this guys screams amazing all those high flying moves he did on this weeks Raw proves it. Everyone goes on about Roman Reign will be the guy but oh no hes not Seth Rollins will be the guy
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  2. You forgot to add that Seth Rollins has actual talent and isn't a drugged up alcoholic.
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  3. Seth can kick Jeff's wrinkled ass even if he got high just before one of the biggest PPV's in his companies year.
  4. shut the doors BLFFL
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  5. Someone needs to report this bitch.
  6. Ding! Ding! Ding!

    We have a winner!

    But, as I'm feeling....let's say idiosyncratic, I'm going to do something I don't think I've ever done and respond seriously to two BLFFL threads in one day.

    Yes, Seth and Jeff share some qualities regarding their in-ring work. But to call (I would say "dismiss") Seth Rollins as "Jeff Hardy 2.0" (what I'm assuming you were going for, BLFFL) is truly disingenuous and could be seen as insulting to Seth and the place he's at right now in his career as compared to where Jeff was at this point in his career. Jeff has never really learned how to cut a solid, coherent promo whereas most objective people say that Seth Rollins' mic work is anywhere from average to above average for a guy of his age and experience level. Jeff was (and to an extent, still is) basically a spot monkey who has little regard for whether or not his big spots make sense in the context of the match and the story being told in the ring. Seth is aware of what's going on inside the ring and has an understanding of ring psychology that I don't think Jeff has learned yet.

    So, I must disagree with your dubbing of Seth Rollins as "Jeff Hardy 2.0". It would be better to call Jeff Hardy "Seth Rollins, Beta release".

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  7. I'm going to annoy people here I sense but Rollins needs to improve his psychology to be Hardy 2.0, Rollins is amazaballs but his body language and facial expression as the baby face in distress are a few levels below Jeff.
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  8. TL:emoji_grin:R
  9. If you hadn't already been perma-banned, I'd call you a fucking idiot.

    Oh, what the hell, you're a fucking idiot.

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  10. I disagree. Hardy was a spot monkey and did flips and shit, Rollins doesn't do flips and shit.
  11. Seth Rollins has been doing that somersault plancha move quite a bit lately. I would guess he'd do a bit more high-flying stuff now that he's a face.

  12. Jeff is clean now and is living a good lifestyle with his wife and daughter
  13. Tell that to Victory Road 2011 and matches in 2013.
  14. Jeff has cleaned up a few times and then dropped off the wagon again. I hope he is clean for his families sake if nothing else.
  15. Jeff Hardy was a like a rock star, the Warrior/Goldberg of the 2000's, Seth Rollins is possibly the second going of Jerry Lynn
  16. He wasent drugged up iin 2013. The only incident noticed was the victory road against sting in 2011. Jeff has been on a break from TNA to spend time with his wife and daughter. He has recently come back as Willow
  17. Yeah no, he's still drugged up as fuck, just not publicly in TNA. And some matches in TNA you can tell he's drugged up.
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