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Seth Rollins as WWE’s hero versus the big, bad Brock Lesnar just isn’t working right now.

Tonight (Jul. 22) at Raw Reunion, The Beast Slayer had a segment with Miz on Miz TV. Something about the entire interview just felt off, and it looked like Rollins was struggling to connect with the Raw live crowd in Florida the entire time.

Rollins is being positioned against one of the easiest WWE heels to boo and he’s just not clicking with the crowd. It’s strange.

Lesnar never shows up on TV and wrestles on a very light schedule. Rollins is a workhorse in the ring and yet, Rollins can not seem to rally WWE fans behind his cause.

.@WWERollins is NOT playing around with Paul @HeymanHustle tonight. Not at all. #RAW #RAWReunion

— WWE (@WWE) July 23, 2019
There there was whatever this was:

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) July 23, 2019
Rollins also did a very bad impression of Heyman as well. It all just felt weird and out of place.

Thoughts on Seth Rollins’ recent run as WWE’s top babyface?

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Grievous 3D

Life Metal
Its hard for Seth to get over when his booking has been so terrible
& he's basically been advertised as Becky's accessory & nothing more.

I remember when he had the I.C title & he was literally on fire with
his matches & the crowds couldn't get enough of him.

The feud with Corbin fucking killed him...

Corbin is turning into pure poison for the WWE...

He's ratings poison & now career poison for those who face him.

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