Seth Rollins nearly impaled by spike on RAW 9/8

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  1. WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was almost impaled by a spike during the closing segment of Monday's WWE Raw from Baltimore, Maryland. The steel cage had somewhat of a small upgrade with the scratch logo being removed from the top corners and black spikes around the base.

    Rollins attempted to get in the ring with a steel chair but quickly moved out the way of the lowering cage as seen in the .GIF below.


  2. Holy shit.
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  3. Oh my god!
  4. How crazy/awesome would it have been if it connected?
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  5. Both crazy and awesome! That'd be some most definitely NOT PG shit right there brother!

    That's wild though, could've gone very wrong had he not reacted as quickly as he did.
  6. Why would they add spikes? Is this a sign of the Attitude Era returning!???
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  7. Rewatching, you can see the cage stop moving just after he move.
  8. I have yet to see Raw so this was something I did not see but looking at that gif in the original post that was quite a close call for Seth Rollins there. Glad to see he moved out of the way as that could have been quite a mess if he hadn't moved when he did.
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  9. wow holy shit....that was close.....but Rollins is kind of an idiot for not seeing it lol....granted he's prob not use to having spikes there....quick reflexes.
  10. ZTO is right. You can't see it well in the gif, but if you play back the whole segment on your DVR or something, the cage actually stops lowering right after Rollins moves out of the way, so he wouldn't have been hit either way. Still pretty scary-looking, though.

    Especially if Dean Ambrose was revealed as the one lowering the cage from backstage. :rollins: Dean Ambrose returns and impales Seth Rollins with a spike... what an ending to the "season premiere" of Raw that would have been.
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  11. Raw would've actually been worth watching if it happen.
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  12. yes, WWE is going into the "Murder Era"
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  13. The spikes were used to help support the bottom of the cage. When lowered, they fed into funnels to line the cage up, and secure it at the bottom.

    Stupid design if they knew they would be working an angle where the cage was being lowered as people were trying to get under it.

    Super dangerous and actually illegal according to OSHA laws, which apply to the construction of a steel cage.
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  14. actually after watching the full looked like Rollins did that on purpose to look like he couldn't make it in the cage in time....and leave the chair in accident. Just me?
  15. For some reason this doesn't bother me, I need a literal different perspective on this.
  16. I thought about that but considering he eventually made it into the cage anyway, probably not. Plus he arguably could have slid into the ring without fear of injury had it not been for the spike sticking out.
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  17. Well this thread title seems overly dramatic lol
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  18. and it was meant to... got attention and replies did it not?

    Seriously though, I just copied it from the title of the source article lol
  19. What I don't get is... why he was stumbling about. and why did he not just go to the huge gap where there are not 10 inch spikes slowly coming down.

    He deserved it if you asked me... :rollins:
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