News Seth Rollins Possibly Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Nov 4, 2015.

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    Here's a gif of the 'injury'.

    Hard to tell. I mean he could've just tweaked his knee like he did last year when Reigns launched him out of the ring. Or it might've been a way to write him off the tour, as unlikely as that sound. Just speculating.

  2. Ouch... well if he loses the title, he can take a break. lol
  3. We can't have the top heel of the company gone. I love Seth. We need
    Him. He better not be really injured.
  4. He can play the pity me card if he is after his loss to Roman. Like walk around in a cast and stuff.
  5. That gif seems odd to me. That snap does not look any circumstance.
  6. Yeah he landed really funny. Like wth was he thinking
  7. Rollins got a face full of Kane groin...worst injury of them all.
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  8. That's Kane's new finisher
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  9. that gif looks awkward af
  10. He was stoned.... COLD STONE COLD STONE COLD! :finger::finger::finger:

    sorry lol
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  11. well if Seth is out with an injury you know who will take his place as top heel, KEVIN OWENS
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  12. Ouch. That was an awkward landing. Hope it's nothing too serious and ends well for Rollins!
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  13. Just in case.

    He tore his knee up really badly. He'll be out for more than half a year.
  14. The tournament is nostalgic to the Deadly Games tournament back in 1998. Would be great if Reigns won...great story.
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