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    Seth Rollins Returns To WWE NXT As A Babyface, Takes Out Two NXT Superstars After Tapings

    - Seth Rollins returned home to WWE NXT after this week's TV tapings at Full Sail University. Rollins was there as a babyface but mocked fans for always trying to get themselves over. The NXT crowd chanted "you bought in" at Rollins instead of "you sold out."
    Rollins talked about his match at Hell In a Cell and was interrupted by The Vaudevillians. Aiden English sang a song to welcome Rollins back and they approached him in the ring. Rollins, wearing a suit, ended up hitting Simon Gotch with his briefcase and taking English out with a Curb Stomp. Rollins celebrated to end the tapings.

    Below is a photo from Instagram user nerdyjordy:

  2. Hey Bryan. Post the news in the op instead of just posting the link.

    No lazy topicing in the wrestling sections
  3. Apologies... Thanks for the heads up.

    I will edit my post in a few minutes.
  4. Interesting, why they had him go over the Vaudevillains is beyond me.. I suppose it doesn't matter the Vaudevillains should still be alright!
  5. dark segment. Not actually taped. Just to please the crowd
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  6. Ahh that makes a little more sense! Definitely seemed like a crowd pleaser from what I perused over.
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