News Seth Rollins Says He Could Beat The Rock at WrestleMania

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Jul 24, 2013
While speaking to Delaware 105.9’s Rob Petree, Seth Rollins was asked about possibly facing The Rock at next year’s WrestleMania 34 event. Rollins revealed that he would be up for the match if The Rock was available for the match.

“Obviously Rocky [The Rock], he’s a little busy these days, he’s doing some Hollywood things, doing some movies, making TV shows, all sorts of good stuff. If the opportunity came about, I would have no problem taking on The Rock at WrestleMania, sounds like a good time to me.”

When asked about if he would be able to defeat The Rock, Rollins mentioned that he could. He would then go on to explain how The Rock has past his prime and is now an old man.

“Oh, absolutely, I’m in the prime of my career right now. The Rock, he’s past his prime, he’s had his day, he’s an old man at this point in time. I’m young, and youthful, and vibrant. I’m ready to go.”

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Nikki Nitro

The Beast
May 21, 2017
Ha! Yeah, Right! Dream On Rollins. I bet the THE ROCK would beat the Undies off of Seth.
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