News Seth Rollins Says Roman Reigns Doesn’t Need The Shield to Get Cheered

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. Before winning the RAW Tag Team Championship with Dean Ambrose at Summerslam, Seth Rollins spoke with RauteMusik where he talked about a Shield reunion, and if it would help Roman Reigns get over with the fans.

    Rollins says that Reigns works hard and he is doing fine for himself and he doesn’t need their help.

    “I don’t know. Roman works hard, every single day, busting his butt, having great matches, being a very entertaining character on television, and he seems to be doing just fine for himself. I don’t think that associating me and Ambrose with him is gonna… the man has main evented three WrestleManias in a row, you know what I mean? What help does he need from us?”

    You can check out the full interview with RauteMuzik here:

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  2. No...Roman doesn't get cheered...he gets Booed Seth...

    There is a much as Vince doesn't think so...
  3. It's a ploy, Seth and Dean don't want Roman bringing them down lol
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  4. A Vince McMahon shoot interview?
  5. They should call Roman "The Face Maker" because
    anyone who steps in the ring with him is automatically
    a face and over with the crowd.

    I lost it when they did the entrances for the SummerSlam main event...

    Braun Comes out...Cheers & Roaring...
    Joe Comes out...the Joe chant...
    Roman Comes out...BOOOOOOO!!!!
    Brock Comes out...Cheers...

    I so want to see Roman vs. Jinder...just because it
    would be hilarious to hear the crowd chanting and
    cheering for Jinder.
  6. The crowd will like Roman Eventually I've come to at least, all he needs to do is Feud with someone else the crowd hates maybe Jinder, they just got to give him some better writing basically.
  7. You really think so?
  8. Yeah, I do, to me, it's like when triple h first came around the scene he was this rich guy and that was his whole thing he was awful at the time and now he's one of the most like wrestlers maybe ever (depending on who you ask) it just takes some time.
  9. As I said in another thread...

    Same attire
    Same theme
    Modified Catchphrases
    Same/Similar Taunts

    He's still acting like he's in the Shield anyways.
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  10. Well...your more optimistic than I am...

    The reality is the WWE Universe has been "conditioned"
    to boo Roman...and the only people who can take
    responsibility for that is whoever booked him on his
    massive push that originally seemed to by pass the
    natural, normal steps taken by past stars like Austin,
    Rock & Cena.

    I actually kind of feel sorry for Roman...because he's
    simply doing what he's told to do...and its not like he's
    going to turn around and say "No Thanks Vince...I don't
    to be pushed to the top yet"

    On a personal note...I actually find Reigns boring as a
    character and a worker.

    Does he have skill? Of course he does...but I find his
    "move set" boring and his character of "Smug Samoan
    bad a$$" just doesn't interest me.

    Of course the WWE (Vince) aren't going to change their
    mind and Roman will be a "star" no matter how loudly the
    crowds its better for me personally if I just "ignore"
    the problem.

    Hence why I use to simply type #IgnoreReigns