Seth Rollins shows up on the Daily Show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. Absolutely love this and can't wait to see him on RAW Monday!
  2. That was awesome! This will give Rollins more publicity.... I'm all for it...

    Him feuding with Jon Stewart will give him a different and good angle.
  3. That was hilarious. Looking forward to Raw.
  4. Jon Stewart's gonna be like "Hey Seth, you ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill?.. Yea.. You ever see the back of a 20 dollar bill.. onnn weeeed?"
  5. Red team go! Red team go!

    Sorry, one of my fav movies.
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  6. Pro wrestling seems so far beneath Jon Stewart lol
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  7. His kids are big fans though, so I'm sure that helps.
  8. And it's good news for Rollins and his nude photos scandal, 'cause all the attention is gonna be brought to this stuff he's got going on with Stewart.
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  9. you mean the thing that was forgotten four days after it happened?
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    K. You can put it that way if you want to
  11. HA ha, Rollin's dick is highly forgettable. Ba dum tiss
  12. I like Rollins dick, personally.
  13. lol cuz it so small amirite
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  14. Hi, Darren Young.
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  15. Eh, that was alright.
  16. Hey, Rollins is a sexy beast... And just like the Lonely Island says, "no homo"
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  17. I guess there is *technically* nothing gay about one man admiring the fleshy unit of another.
  18. Yeah, if your a doctor for that kind of stuff lol
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