Seth Rollins stepping up?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Jun 6, 2015.

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  1. Hola,

    On this past Raw, Rollins finally seems like he's going to have a match on his own, possibly. He talked about how he will prove that he doesn't need the Authority or anyone else to beat Dean. Dean also mentioned numerous times that Rollins always needs backup because he can't win the big one on his own.

    Maybe triple h is finally realizing that their top dog looks like a complete bitch and they don't want this guy fighting lesnar this summerslam? I mean Rollins could be lying and cheat, but it seems like he will fight Dean on his own, which is good.

    I feel that Rollins needs to look a little more dominant before stepping in the ring with the beast. Can't have the bitch gimmick and then expect him to even stand a chance at SS.

    What do you all think? Is the bitch dead?
  2. I hope so. Never did like a cowardly heel anyways.
    He's a damn good wrestler, can't he just win with his smarts and technique? (and maybe a little cheating)
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  3. Honestly... As much as I like Rollins and dislike this character... I'd... vote no on this. :sad:
    Lesnar vs Bitch Rollins has money all over it. Take out J&J and let Brock suplex the dude's mouth shut and throw the dude around from pillar to post and everyone will love it.
    The main reason though is that if they want to do Triple H vs Rollins, I'd rather Hunter be the face to get this Best for Business crap over and done with already
  4. Well I don't mind HIM cheating, just as you stated. I just want Seth to be able to stand his own ground, even if that requires some dirty tactics.
  5. What??? Why ??? I don't get how bitch Rollins has money all over it facing the beast. And reigns will be involved in this match. Rollins can be cheap... But my point is that he needs to be able
    To handle this on his own, too.
  6. I wouldn't assume this is any indication of how Rollins will be booked from now on. This will probably just play out similarly to how the Orton/Cena scenario at TLC 2013 did, where The Authority told Orton point blank in the weeks leading up to the event that he either had to defeat Cena on his own or else they were done with him. Except in this case, it's Seth realizing on his own that he needs to get the job done by himself without any assistance from others in order to silence all the critics and prove to the world what a great and deserving champion he is. And because it's a ladder match and you lose only because your opponent manages to climb the ladder and yank the championship off the hook before you do (as opposed to losing via pinfall or submission, which has always been considered the most 'legitimate' way of losing a match), Ambrose will be somewhat protected if he takes a clean loss here.

    If there's any shenanigans involved in the match at all, it'll probably the "Who Raised The Briefcase!?!" device that they also used on Austin at King Of The Ring 1999 back in the day. Or maybe they'll remember that Big Show is supposed to be a member of The Authority and he'll run down and cost Dean the match instead (Rollins said in his promo on Smackdown that he didn't need HHH, Kane, or J&J Security to help him retain the title, but he said nothing about Big Show.) Or maybe Ambrose will rub shoulders the wrong way with Kevin Owens backstage, and so Owens (possibly also frustrated over a loss to John Cena earlier in the night and seeking to take out his rage on someone) runs out and costs Dean the match instead. Who knows. Seth is walking out the champion regardless of how it happens.
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  7. This might happen. I'm just more or less hoping Rollins will go forward more often than not like this. I hope this is just some temp bs.
  8. This 'stepping up' thing could be just a facade for what would go down at MITB.

    For all we know, Rollins might end up retaining in his typical 'LOLI'MAPUSSYCHAMPION&NEED44GUYSTOHELPMEWIN' fashion, or he might retain clean, on his own.

    I never expected Rollins to be booked as Lesnar when he won the title at WM31, but this coward champ shtick has gotten old real quick.
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  9. Agreed, idc how he beats Dean at MITB, just as long as he does it on his own.
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