Seth Rollins : The Modern Showstopper

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Legit Boss, May 4, 2016.

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  1. My most popular piece for PWPNation.

    Seth Rollins is undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers in this era, when judging from his athletic ability and his in-ring skills, which he shows every time he steps in a wrestling ring. Because of that, people had no choice, but to cheer for him. Fans respect the heck out of the “Architect.”

    But can he compare to the WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels?

    Well, with most modern day era wrestlers, you look back in the past to see similarities between your childhood heroes like for instance, John Cena reminds me of the modern day Hulk Hogan or Fandango reminds me of a modern day Disco Inferno. But most people see a Shawn Michaels in Seth Rollins. There are a ton of shared traits that these two share and you could say that Rollins is WWE’s new Heartbreak Kid with his talents.

    Watching a Seth Rollins match on the WWE Network, like for example his match against Brock Lesnar and John Cena at the Royal Rumble in 2015 or against Dean Ambrose at Money In The Bank, or even his winner takes all match at SummerSlam against John Cena for the US Title, reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels in his prime.

    The first sign of similarities come from how Seth Rollins was in the shield and how Shawn Michaels was with Marty Jannetty in the Rockers. Both of these men broke up from their partners and perused a solo career in WWE, which led to more championships and a better all round character. HBK had a tight relationship with Vince McMahon, so he got, what you can call, “special treatment” when it came to creative and other political things backstage. Also, the induction of Diesel (who would later be known as Kevin Nash) as his bodyguard only progressed his great legacy further.

    Given an imposing crony to fall back on, Michaels had more tools with which to draw fans attention. Shawn started challenging for the WWE Championship and Michaels had made it to the main event scene and the years that followed brought controversy and praise for the “showstopper,” but from here he was one of the top stars in the company.

    Now on to Seth Rollins, his debut in the Shield was the start of his career if you don’t count NXT and he betrayed his partners to set out on his own, mentored by the COO of the company Triple H, Seth spent plenty of time on the Mic with the authority improving massively as a result. Then came along the cronys, or ‘Bodyguards’ that were J&J Security.

    Taking on J&J Security as his security, Rollins has quickly become one of the most detestable figures on the WWE roster. His solid ring skills and his ability to spark up a crowd have led to WWE Title contention and a transition to headlining pay-per-views.

    The similarities between Michaels and Rollins are undeniable, but they’re not enough to claim that the former WWE Champion will match the legendary status of HBK, but there is a hell of a career waiting for Seth Rollins once he returns from injury later this year. Ability is, of course, the main strength that Michaels and Rollins share. Being able to put on a great match with anyone is a huge benefit to talent attempting to get to the main roster, the wrestling business in itself always has a place for people like Rollins and Michaels who are work horses and who can bring the best out in their opponents.

    Neither Michaels or Rollins became a success simply by making others look good. The pair also share the desire that’s necessary to stand out in a competitive locker room and have a personal goal to be the best have spurred these two men to surpass others expectations.

    The future looks very bright for Rollins, but he has a big hill to climb if he wants to replicate the success of Michaels. Fortunately, there’s little to suggest that a challenge of that scale would discourage Rollins from establishing a legend all his own.

    What do you think? do you think Seth Rollins is the next HBK?
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    Does Mr. McMahon masterb*te to thoughts of Seth Rollins while calling the action from the broadcast booth?

    Can he do all these things and then proceed to wrestle the following night? If not, no, he isn't the next HBK.
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  3. possibly, yes.. but its too early to tell
  4. What an insult to Rollins... Seth Rollins is the next Seth Rollins, he's not the next anybody else.
  5. Seth Rollins is fucking Seth Rollins. Go fuck yourselves if you think he can't be the next HBK or icon. His mic skills need a little more work, but other than that, the guy is flawless
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  12. He'll never come close to being as great as HBK.
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  14. Shawn Michaels was one of a kind. People say Rollins isn't the next anyone, because there never will be a next HBK. Y2J is the only candidate.

    People are on their high horses claiming their favorite to be the greatest of all time. Shawn Michaels had a 2 decade career. Numerous 5* matches. Amazing storytelling attributes. Seth Rollins is a wrestler, a different talent. I will never put anyone above HBK when it comes to in-ring work. You can have as many 60 minute spot fest and technical masterpieces, and it still won't match up to a 20 minute HBK match. And when HBK went 60 minutes, he was that much better.

    Give the man another decade or two before people start assuming him to be the heir to the GOAT throne.
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  15. Yeah, I would agree with this. I'm definitely not in the business of comparing modern talent to old. You can't do that in any sport because every sport evolves and changes like most things and you can't compare different generation athletes.

    Rollins is very much still in the beginning of his pro wrestling career and has developed his own unique set of skills which just so happened to have accelerated his race to the top. He has been a quick learner and developed faster than most and hit stardom very early doors in his career. But he has a long way to go before we have seen the best of him or can even consider him a legend or all time great.

    It is very much a case of the best has yet to come from Rollins and let's just sit back and enjoy.
  16. You all love Rollins and will mark for
  17. Honestly, you can't really compare recent wrestlers to legends. It's too much hype to live up to.
  18. I love Seth Rollins and think he is pretty great, but it's difficult to compare anyone to Shawn Michaels. HBK could have a match with almost anyone and make it into an interesting match. And he did this from really early on. He was clearly the more talented of the Rockers and when the team broke up, his Intercontinental run is still one of the best in company history. Hell, the guy had good matches with frickin Hacksaw Jim Duggan and that's pretty shocking in itself. Shawn Michaels could ALWAYS make the person he was wresting look so much better than he really was. This is something that not many guys can do. And no one, IMO, could do it to the level that only HBK and Ric Flair have been able to in American wrestling.

    Rollins, on the other hand, is a really good wrestler, but watching his run with the WWE title last, he didn't really elevate the guys he faced. He faced Kane and Kane seemed like Kane, Orton seemed like Orton and Sting seemed like Sting. I love Rollins, but it was a pretty boring title run in my view.

    In order to be considered on the level of Shawn Michaels, he would really have to consistently elevate other talent and I haven't seen him do that. In American wrestling, both he and Ric Flair are on a level all their own in that regard. Don't get wrong, other guys can make their opponents look good, but these two men could do it in their sleep over and over and over again. Rollins has a long, long way to go before he can be spoke of as being on their level.
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  19. You can't compare champion runs like that.

    Seth Rollins was a first time champion. Young and fresh. He was going to be one of the biggest stars of the newer generations along with Reigns and Ambrose. He's not mean't to elevate others. The people he worked with are mean't to elevate him. That's the reason he was working with seasoned veterans for the most part. His run with Orton, Cena, Sting and Kane was to make him a more viable and prominent threat in the WWE. A common saying nowadays is that, in the past, the champion was mean't to elevate the title - and now the title is mean't to elevate the champion. That's a clear case here. He was being elevated and didn't need to make anyone else look stronger. Why would he need to? He was facing multi-time champions who already have secured their place among fans and in the industry.

    Shawn Michaels was the same in his initial run. He faced Bulldog, for the most part, and he was coming out on-top. Bulldog went straight down to the midcard, but it solidified Shawn Michaels. However, later down the line, with his 3rd WWE title run, he did what every seasoned champion does and that's elevate and solidify the heir to the throne. And he did that with Steve Austin.

    Bottom line is, Seth Rollins doesn't need to elevate anyone nor was he intended to. As his career progresses, and he racks up more title wins, the need to give a rub to newer talents will grow.
  20. Actually, I didn't compare, I contrasted. And yes, I can contrast because there is plenty to contrast.

    It's completely irrelevant what stage in their career the opponent is as to whether or not a wrestler should elevate them or not. I am not talking about helping them in their career or putting them over. I'm talking about having the ability to put on a match with somebody who may not regularly put on four star matches and make them look like four star performers IN THAT MATCH. And yes, there is good reason to do it and it's because fans find it entertaining.

    Throughout Ric Flair's career, he faced plenty of older guys who had nothing to gain by Flair putting them over and Flair still went out and put on great matches by making them look better than they were. And HBK did that throughout his career.

    Shawn Michaels did this very early on and throughout his IC run. He didn't have much a run with the Bulldog at all... that was pretty much over quickly. He spent more time feuding with Marty Jannetty than anyone else during that run. And after defeating the Bulldog, he was immediately placed in a champion vs champion feud with Bret Hart. He put on matches with Marty Janetty, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tatanka and Razor Ramon of the caliber that those guys had never before or since put on. There was no reason for him to make Duggan look good other than the fact that he was putting on a good match. HBK did this with Ric Flair in Flair's retirement match.

    So yes, there is plenty of reason for Seth Rollins to be able to do this: it makes individual matches more entertaining. And Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair did that throughout their careers whether they were facing older guys or younger guys. And that is why I put them in a class all their own.
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