Hell in a Cell Seth Rollins vs. (C) Kevin Owens (Match Thoughts)

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    WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens will take on Seth Rollins in what is expected to be an EPIC Hell in a Cell match.
    What are your thoughts on this match? We have two Raws to go before it happens so different things may be added in to it but from the looks of it, this will be a great match. Both men know how to put on a good show and give it their all each PPV they are in. The only match that I think can steal the spotlight from them is the women's match since it will be the first ever in history. Who do you expect to win? Who do you want to win? Will it be a bloodbath!?

  2. I absolutely love both guys. And I expect the match to be pretty good.

    KO retains. How? Well... Courtesy of this guy: :hhh2:

    I won't be mad at the finish, because it'd make sense for HHH to get involved and cost Rollins the match yet again.
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  3. People are interested in a Raw PPV?
  4. This should be a great match...as both guys are among
    the best "workers" in the wrestling industry at the moment.

    I will admit I want to see KO retain the belt...and I'd prefer
    if it was without "help" but...either way I'd be happy.

    An appearance by Triple H to "explain" his actions
    would be nice...and I've heard some rumors around
    the traps that this entire Triple H/Kevin Owens alliance
    is the beginning of some type of NXT invasion which
    will lead to the reformation of the Shield and main event
    a few Pay Per Views in the future.

    If I had to guess...a deal will be struck so Ambrose can
    be traded to RAW...possibly for Rusev now he is no longer
    the United States Champion.

    The NXT Invasion will only take place on RAW with SmackDown
    being left alone for the most part.

    Again...just repeating a rumor I've read around the traps...

  5. Rusev lost to Roman Reigns... Roman Reigns is part of the Shield so I am not sure how that can make sense. You can't trade Dean and leave Roman behind.

    EDIT... I am a moron. I forgot Roman is already on Raw. LOL

    As for everything you said, I am not sure how I would feel about that. I want KO to be a legit winner on his own for sure but part of the heel gimmick is cheating so I can see why they use it, even with him.
  6. Don't be too hard on yourself Snake...
    I understand that...I just think KO has the size, skill and speed to be a legit
    babyface crusher. Either way...I hope KO retains...give him a long title reign.
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  7. This match will be awesome I love both but the nod for me goes to KO....................Don't get me wrong Seth is amazing I just can't get passed

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