Hell in a Cell Seth Rollins vs Kane

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. So who's gonna win this one? Who do you want to win?
    I think Seth is gonna win via DQ, but I want Kane to win. It'll be nice to see Kane as champion for a couple months.

    What's your thoughts?
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  2. Rollins has to win. Kane should be nowhere near the belt at his age and in this year.
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  3. Rollins IS and SHOULD win, clean as a sheet. But, knowing WWE, they'll find a way to overbook it.

    Either way, if Rollins leaves the HIAC without the belt, then...
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    Wishful thinking, but it ain't happening at all: Rollins should hire The Demon Bálor to vanquish Kane forever. :rollins3:
  4. Kane should have had the title twice already but they let the perfect opportunities slide always for someone else and now he i unmasked and in a suite... Meh. Let him come out as masked Kane and go on a rampage till he retires or let him lose and be done with it.
  5. Kane is only in the title picture so he can job to Rollins. Kane championship days are waaaaaaay past him, the reason they can even make the title match Rollins vs Kane is because Taker vs Lesnar is going to be the main event so the title match doesn't have to be very important.
  6. Kane being awarded a match against the WWE champion have become obligatory. WWE never fails to put it each year, despite the majority of us not giving a toss about Kane. Hope he doesn't come near main event scene after Hell in a Cell.
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  7. If Kane wins.... This forum riots
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  8. My response to WWE if Rollins loses the title:
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  9. Pictured below, Kane on this weeks/weekend's tour of Mexico:

    Rollins better bring his work boots on Sunday.
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  10. ^ Someone's in a really crappy shape. lol

    Hope Rollins can channel his inner Tanahashi [and make lemonades out of diarrhoea]
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  11. Why are all these elderly people still around?
  12. Source

    I hope this confirms Rollins retains the title this Sunday.
  13. If Kane won I'd mark the fuck out and a day later be very angry.
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