Seth Rollins vs Tyson Kidd

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Can't wait to see Seth called up with Dean.
  2. Nice to see the little snippets he needs to be on TV providing they have a good plan for him. He's to good to be languishing on superstars.
  3. Dude I hated Superstars. It reminds me too much of Heat or Velocity when it was around. It was cool when Big Viscera was on Heat though lol.
  4. How'd you book him? Can't wait to see him week in week out, looks a real talent.
  5. He's phenomenal in ring with a good amount of Charisma but he isn't the best speaker. I'd bring him in with Claudio and hopefully Hero if he signs as a ROH style stable with AM Drag as the leader and WHC the kings as Tag Team Champions and Rollins as the IC champion. They'd be a heel stable of well we worked on the indies for years but never got the respect we deserved. Have them dominate Smackdown for 3-4 months before Miz comes over and speaks how he worked from the bottom too turning Miz babyface running a redemetion storyline of Miz trying to prove he's not like them but his own man. So basically Rollins would take over the midcard taking on heels and babyface who were desperate to take the title off this stable to get some power back. Fantasy booking but it's how I'd like it to happen hbu?
  6. I'd book it as Rollins getting victories every week against random mid-carders for a month just so people are familiar with him, have Cole compliment him every week like he does Miz. Say he isn't getting the recognition he deserves. Teddy Long keeps refusing him a shot. Eventually Cole manages Seth (to do the speaking) and would book Seth absolutely dominating the mid-card and have a long IC reign. Appearing regularly on SD and RAW, each match doing something incredible. Kind of a show-off gimmick but not like Ziggler. That way the IC is relevant again (after Rhodes would of left it by this point). I wouldn't go with a stable because it's too soon after Nexus. I wouldn't have any stable at the moment unless it is Nexus returning. Anyway back on track. I'd then pair him as the IC title champion with perhaps Dean Ambrose to become the sick-twisted tag-team that takes over both shows. Similar to Nexus, interrupting random matches and just beating on people. Dean can cut the promos, Michael is their manager. Really emphasize on the crazy-gimmick, like Dean Ambrose reminds me of Joker from Batman, play on that.

    That way, IC title (still defended regularly, it's not defended enough atm) and tag-team championships are both relevant again.

    Eventually they'd split up going separate ways and moving on to main-eventing of both shows :emoji_heart:.
  7. Only just seen this, thanks for posting.

    Guy is gonna become huge one day.