Seth Rollins will be the biggest star after the Shield is done

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  1. Seth Rollins will be the biggest star after the Shield is done just by his performance in that tag match on Raw he outshined Dean and Roman with his high flying ability that the other two cant do
  2. IMO he is a better performer than Dean and Roman, but no. Roman is going to be the biggest out of the three.
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  3. Girl, Chill with the threads.

    It's pretty clear Roman's the breakout star but all members will have a great path in WWE.
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  4. Roman is the star, Ambrose is the talker and Rollins is the worker. They all have a spot.
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  5. Reigns will be the star, although I think Ambrose should be. Massive fan of all three though. Seths ring work is already top tier.
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  6. I bet in 5 years, we are gonna see all of these guys as Main Eventers and they'll have a triple threat.... again.
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  7. He won't, of course, but he should.
  8. Idk they're really all in a seperate category tbh,
    Dean Ambrose is in the midweight psychotic wildcard picture, Roman Reigns the obvious powerhouse and Seth Rollins the obvious high flyer.
    I think each of them will be a huge star for their respective types of character
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  9. Rollins is too high flyer for a main eventer. He have to change his style, like Punk did in 2007-2008.
  10. If you think Rollins is just high flying I've got some news for you :cole:
  11. Dude Seth Rollins can't throw anything but spinning jumping shit.
  12. He didn't say that's all he is. He simply stated that he is too high flying orientated and I can see his point. Not saying I agree with it though.
  13. 650 spinning clothesline mudblood
  14. Springboard?
  15. suicida off of the cage, elavated
  16. Seth will be the star he has everything wrestling skils, mic skills, charisma. Dean and Roman dont have all of that. Seth will be a huge face and he will get his own merch and be selling it like crazy. All the girls will love him as he is hot
  17. Okay.

    Calm your, PC fangirl, Calm your PC....
  18. This is factually inaccurate.
    Ambrose has brilliant in ring and mic skills, Reigns has good mic skills and his in ring stuff is getting better.
  19. Rollins are Reigns will both be main-eventers within the next 2-3 years..... I see Ambrose being a midcard... because that's the way WWE is grooming them... who takes nearly every pinfall when the Shield lose? Ambrose. Who was the beginning cause of the eventual splitup of the Shield? Ambrose. Who has been shown time and time again to be the weak link. Ambrose. The way WWE creative is they will never move him beyond that.
  20. Seth will be at the top first and have the most title reigns
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