Seth Rollins will be THE star out of the Shield

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  1. Since two of the Shield members have lost their titles its only a matter of time before the third one loses his and then they break up and I can gurantee Seth Rollins will be THE star out of the Shield. He has that high flying ability that the other two dont have. Seth has the look that everyone will love. He has the mic skills to get over with the crowd. Seth will be the top star in the company. Ive noticed Dean doesnt have that much in ring ability and its mainly just the mic skills he only has. Roman seems to be the same with not much in ring ability and he needs to do alot more mic work to improve. Seth has it all and he stands out. 2014 could be the year he makes that impact
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  2. I wouldn't throw Dean out of the star equation yet, WWE seems to like him a lot. They have given him a singles championship(even if it's not the best), and had him fight the Undertaker in a singles match too. Roman has the look, and his spear is terrifyingly awesome, and his moveset isn't bad, as well as his mic work. I think they all have the potential to be top stars in the WWE.
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  3. Seth is a phenonmenal talent but Roman just has a ton of star potential. He looks like he belongs on a poster.
  4. I don't see it. He's great in the ring, but pretty underwhelming everywhere else (charisma, mic, etc). Reigns > Ambrose > Rollins, when it comes to "star power" or whatever.
  5. Seth >>> Dean/Roman
  6. Dean is GOAT, not sure how anyone can dislike him. I like all 3 guys, I think they make an awesome team and I will shed an Indian tear when they break up the Shield, but, Ambrose will always be the highlight of the group for me.
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  7. Roman Reigns, in my mind, will be THE star in the next stages of WWE.
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  8. Love his promos. Not a fan of his ring work personally. He's slow and clunky even for a heel. But he's the kind of guy who will get over on talking alone. All 3 will be major players, question is who will have the longest and biggest career out of the three. My personal guess is Reigns. Dean wouldn't work as a face but is a great heel, Rollins would have it hard as a heel but will be an excellent face. Reigns can play both sides of the fence which opens up more options with him.
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  9. Seth- Great underdog babyface due to his size, flashy, smooth wrestling style, and top-tier selling.

    Dean- Top heel because of his great promo ability and classic mannerisms. Wrestling ability is above average and is a great seller.

    Reigns- Monster babyface or heel. Great look andbrings a great aura of intensity when he works.
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  10. If what you're saying actually happens I'd love to see Ambrose losing the title to Black. Anyways, Roman is good in the ring
  11. At least he doesn't kiss people.
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  12. Has Dean ever been face? I don't recall him ever being one, but, I would be interested to see how that would work out. I wouldn't count him out yet, unless he has been face before and it sucked. I wouldn't doubt he makes a far better heel, but, I would love to see how he could play as a face character. Hard to see it happening, though.
  13. I believe Dean will probably be the most successful out of the 3. I see Seth being the 2nd best and then Roman.
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  14. I`ve loved Seth since he was Tyler Black, I would love to see him being the star, but Dean is obviously the guy to pic to be the star if they break up
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  15. Biggest star out of all of them? Dean. Most potential for main event players for long periods? Reigns & Dean. I love Seth a lot and think he has improved so much during this run, but I forever see him as a upper midcard type of talent; a new Jeff Hardy if you will. WWE don't care as much about ring work as much as marketability and mic skills, and I think people underestimate both Reigns and Dean in the ring. Dean is the highlight for me.
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  16. When I see Seth, I see Hardy, HBK, or Jericho. He's smaller than the other two, but has the most exciting moveset by far. I saw someone question his charisma, which stumps me. He has an amazing capability to captivate an audience and his mic work is solid, just not spectacular (he hasn't really been cutting a lot of promos on his own or been the focus of them; when he does these things, you'll get a better idea of his capabilities in that area). When I see Dean, I actually see a CM Punk, Roddy Piper, even, dare I say, Jake Roberts. His mic work is out of this world, but his moveset is just not that exciting. It's not bad; it's just kinda vanilla. When I see Reigns, I see his cousin, Cena, Hogan. He's got a great power moveset. The question I have (not having seen much of his mic work prior to his appearing in WWE) is about his ability to talk. The short stints he gets are good, but they're not very challenging spots to start with. It's like setting the bar on the pole vault at 5 feet. Sure you can get over it, but how impressive is that really?

    All three of them are terrific workers and all are good sellers (Rollins is the best seller, but both Dean and Reigns are very good, too). When the Shield storyline ends in a few months (probably shortly after Mania....I somewhat expect them to start some kind of break-up process at the Rumble), all three of them will go on to terrific careers (if they're booked right, of course, and barring major injury). Who has the biggest career?

    My heart says Rollins, my gut says Ambrose, my brain says Reigns. When they're going different directions like that, I know just to say, "I don't know."

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  17. WHAT? I have to disagree there. He is pretty good IMO and only has room to grow. I agree about his mic work though.

    And Seth was the first NXT champ wasn't he? I feel like sooooo many people on here have such a hard on for Ambrose. I never saw his indy stuff so I can't comment on that, but from what I have seen so far he seems pretty blazay. Decent, but nothing special.
  18. Whether anyone likes it or not Reigns will get the biggest push of the 3. Will he translate that into being the biggest star? Yea, I think he will. He will be massively over as a babyface due to his intensity, look and he has a great finisher.
  19. I like all 3 guys.
    In ring ability - Rollins
    Character/speaking/story telling - Dean
    Potential - Reigns

    I think Rollins will be like a ziggler type.
    Dean could have sort of a career like mankind.
    Reigns reminds me of a Batista

    Any of them can be a star. I'll lean towards Reigns atm
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