Seth's new theme

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  1. It sorta sounds like a remix of his NXT theme; it's pretty meh.
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  2. It's obvious that Jim Johnston has either retired or handed over majority of the work to this CFO$ dude.
  3. Digging the suit, it's not a terrible entrance theme, I've heard much worse :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Meh/10

    It's alright, I guess, but I can't see him spending his entire carreer with that
  5. Liked the NXT theme better
  6. Imo, your standard newbie/jobber theme..

    The producing hasn't been as great as it once was lately.
    Maybe they should use more original songs instead.
  7. Vince McMahon paying for songs?
  8. It could happen if Seth threatened to leave ala CM Punk.
  9. True dat, my bad..:kiss:
  10. That's precisely what I was thinking. This and the new Cesaro theme (aside from the sirens, which is sort of cool) are both bland as fuck.
  11. The CFO$ people are now making most songs apparently. They've been pretty hit or miss for the most part... Axel, Paige, and Titus were all good ones by them, but some of the recent ones like Cesaro and Rollins really haven't been that good.
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  12. The Breeze one is a masterpiece. New sexy boy. But this is so meh. It could do with a few tweaks.
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  13. Sounds like a generic rock theme in wwe 2k14
  14. It's pretty meh. CFO$ suck!

    Jim Johnston was a 100x better, bring him back and let him be in charge of the music FFS.

    All CFO$ have done is put out some bullshit music!
  15. Not impressed at all.
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  16. Sounds like the type of theme you hear in TNA. They have so many of these generic rock themes I never know who is coming out.
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  17. Was thinking the same thing. Tna has some pretty awesome songs(Gail kim's theme is great IMO) but most of them sound really similar
  18. They should give CFO$ more time to come up with something really good, I reckon they can get it right if they can develop an idea through a couple of weeks. After all, Cesaro's theme had several versions before it's finished one now.
  19. I wasn't to keen on it when I saw it. But I have heard worse so I guess its take it or leave it right?
  20. Fucking sucks. Sounds like a rejected Slipknot song, and Slipknot sucks so.... lel
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