Setting Up Ronda Rousey For Failure?

Solid Snake

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Jun 4, 2016

According to Forbes, WWE is setting her up for failure by doing what they seemingly do best...
Highlighting a wrestlers weaknesses and making them more apparent to the audience.

During her UFC career, Rousey was labeled "The Baddest Woman On The Planet" because she let her nearly unparalleled fighting skills do the talking for her. Unlike a Conor McGregor or a Floyd Mayweather, Rousey was never known for being a master of the microphone, and yet, WWE has inexplicably started her WWE run with a few tough-to-watch segments that have highlighted her biggest weakness: Her promo ability.

SOURCE: WWE Raw Is Setting Up Ronda Rousey For Failure

Now to me, I think it is FAR too soon to be saying this considering she has not had much time at all on TV and she is just working with what they give her. Most wrestlers struggle with promos to some degree, even the best of the best can have a bad promo now and then. I think the only two in WWE to have been consistently good for over 5 years has been John Cena and Chris Jericho but both of those men have God given acting and charisma skills to get into character. Ronda is a former UFC fighter who has only ever talked from the heart about a fight. Not only does she have to act and be in character, but she also has to follow WWE's guidelines which are known to screw over many wrestler's abilities to actually be good on the mic. I think they need to get her with Paul Heyman ASAP to help with the adjustment, especially if Brock is taking a break after Wrestlemania.

What do you all think?


The Game
Jan 15, 2014
I’m 50/50 on it. I don’t want her to be just like Brock... it’s somewhat getting old. I’m all for having a manager, especially someone like Paul. But having an exact replica of Brock in the women’s division seems a little stale in some ways. So, in a way, I like that they’re rolling the dice and letting her talk and do her own thing a little, being herself.

On the other hand, yeah, I don’t want WWE to keep pushing this envelope if it only gets worse and worse. She would need someone like Paul, stay conserved, and just whoop ass when needed.

All in all, I like that she’s diff in the sense that she’s kind of blah on the mic, but when it comes to getting serious, her entire demeanor, persona, and expression fades to a Brock-like insane person. I love it.

The Sheik

The Architect
Nov 29, 2017
Most women's biggest weakness are their mic skills, besides maybe Bliss and Paige.. but Ronda is someone who doesn't need to talk. Just have her go in there and beat everybody's ass.

Grievous II

Has Entered Stasis Mode...
Sep 30, 2016
I am reserving my judgements until after Mania
I'm reserving my judgements until she's actually involved
in a feud/match/angle I can actually watch without wanting
to vomit.

I hate the McMahons & Old Has-Beens so this Mixed tag
match is one giant waste of time to me...and I refuse to
watch it.

To me personally...Ronda is nothing but a "celebrity playing
wrestler" at this time...I'll care when she actually wrestles
a woman from the active women's division.

Oh...& her theme music sucks! Just saying...

I think they have completely taken the wrong approach with
Ronda from the start...too much smiling & pointing and not
enough beating the fuck out of everyone.

I stand by my statement...Ronda should have showed up
with Shayna Baszler during that after Rumble non-promo &
laid everyone out.

In fact...Shayna Baszler is being booked in NXT the exact
way Ronda should've been booked on the main roster.

"I'm not here for anyone but myself & GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING ARM!!!"

I actually think putting Heyman with Ronda would be too cliche...
but I would understand if they did made that creative decision.

As far as her all depends on her booking...

If they want to get her over as a face...just have her beat the fuck
out of Roman for a few matches...

It worked for Strowman.


The Architect
Apr 14, 2016
I think her last couple of segments worked out quite well and most of them even ended with her getting physical. So I don't see it turning into a failure in any way because she's still a huge draw for the company. The only people she's trying to impress are the die hard fans that are just waiting to shit on her first slip up, but the rest is basically just happy to have her here.
One way or another, all eyes are on what WWE wants to have everyone's eyes on, Wrestlemania. If Ronda does well, they can move forward with her as an in-ring talent, if not, then it's just not meant to be, but the company will probably be the first ones to figure that out
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